Guidance From Yusef: Wholeness

YUSEF: The dance, the song that is both human and divine has been danced and sung by few. Jesus was/is one.

Recognize that your divine nature and human nature are one nature. This may be difficult to understand with the human mind, but remember that you have access to the Divine mind.

Learn to access this. It is YOU in your fullness—human and divine. There is no secret, no skill to learn, no “password.” It is simply WHO YOU ARE in the fullness and wholeness of YOU.

The one writing this acknowledges the presence of OTHER. It is recognized as part of her and allowed to be present.

Each must find their own way to “allow” the presence of the divine, of whom they also are, while in the human nature.

The “difficulty” is only a human thought. There is no difficulty—there is only ease in allowing WHO YOU ARE to be present while in your human state.