Guidance From Yusef: You Exist in the Heavens and on the Earth

I think I really need to explain this message a little. 🙂

Each of us on the Earth has a soul that is a part of an ‘oversoul’ that continues to be with God. That is, our soul is just a part of, or we could say an aspect of, the Soul that is in heaven. Your soul is like a reflection of your heavenly self (Soul) that exists as a part of God.

In other words, Yusef says you have a ‘minor’ soul here that is still a part of, or an aspect of, your ‘major’ soul in heaven.

To further complicate your thinking, you also have many ‘minor’ souls experiencing life in the physical right now. Picture your major Soul as a large ship in the ocean (God). Your minor souls, are like small dingys that have left the larger ship to go out and experience something new. Your major Soul has many dingys out right now and yours is just one of them. Your major Soul is experiencing everything your soul on earth is right now. That is how it expands and grows.

I hope that you will ask questions or begin a discussion if this topic interests (or confuses) you.:)


The human mind is insistent in its drive to make sense of the world. This ensures survival. However, in this discourse, the need to understand is not beneficial. 

You are aware that it will serve you to remember WHO YOU ARE and to BE in the awareness as much and as often as you are able. 

Now we tell you that you reside with us as much as you reside on the earth. You are with us in ‘Heaven’ now as you have always been.

There is an aspect of You that is currently in a human existence, but that does not diminish the You that is here, or the aspects of you living other lifetimes at this same moment.

Thus your Oversoul or Major Soul as we have said, does exist as a part of God always. You are an aspect of that Major Soul that is participating in the Oneness [God] fully.

Enjoy your life on the earth—it was chosen by you and for you. But do not lose sight that you are much more than the personality you have chosen for this lifetime.

You have chosen a role to play. It is not WHO YOU ARE. It is a role. Enjoy it; learn from its experiences, and grow in love through it.

You are a part of the Most High God. Believe this truth and you will awaken. In that awakening your soul will dance and the earth and heavens will sing.

Guidance From Yusef: Listen to Your Soul

There are many who desire to know more, to become more aware. They begin to hear their soul’s urgings. They find ways to learn, to grow, assisted by those of us who guide them.

Yet there are others—those who have not paid attention to the soul’s urgings—those who have yet to hear their soul speaking to them, or to see the light we are shining on the path for their lives.

Those who have not become aware of the soul’s urging may face events that cause them to pay attention. That cause them to question their assumptions about the way they have been living their daily lives. [An illness, or life changing event, for instance].

They always have a choice to either dismiss the urgings, the lessons, the nudges, OR to begin to open to a new way.

When one does become aware they can see differently. They hear as never before, and they are open to guidance from the heavens.

As you can see, we CONTROL nothing. We are always with you—guiding—yet each must open to the awareness regarding the present path to determine if it is  helpful to their purpose on the Earth.

We rejoice in awareness of the soul’s urgings, and eagerly assist to the limit each one allows. 

Yusef, Guide and Teacher

Guidance From Yusef: We KNOW You


The scenarios you devise to frame the lives you are living allow for the perfect circumstances for your Soul’s purpose to be accomplished. This is one factor. Likewise, the personality you wear is perfect for your purpose.

What you have chosen to do, or work through, or learn, can only be done for your Soul in the life and personality you have chosen.

Remember you are not alone. So many think they are alone. If they could only realize how the Heavens are intimately connected.

We KNOW you. We UNDERSTAND you. We HEAR you. We LOVE you. And we are here to assist you in what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime.

Guidance From Yusef: Transformation and Transcendence


Transformation and transcendence are concepts that deserve attention.

In transcendence the human nature is transformed from simple ego-self to shining Light-self, allowing the Soul to be present through the Human body. Then actions taken are the Soul present to the world. 

Jesus exemplified this. Look closely at the life and actions of Jesus to see only Spirit/Soul, and thus God, present to the Earth. Thus did Jesus show the Way.

The ‘how’ of transcendence is not complicated. Live from your Higher Self, becoming more and more AWARE of that which does not resonate with this vibrational frequency.

When actions are taken from a lower vibration, transcend these–let go of the motivations thus causing these responses.

As each motivation is transformed or let go, then increasingly your life becomes a Light in the world.

Be aware. Let go. Transform. Transcend. Shine forth.

And then do the Heavens ‘prepare a place’ for your Spirit/Soul, transformed by the growth opportunities and life lived on the Earth, having transcended the lower vibrations to become the higher frequency of Light and Love.

And thus is the Earth and all the Heavens blessed and made whole.

Guidance From Yusef: On Truth

This message is one of the “Knowings”–messages that are short, somewhat poetic statements. They come to me with a sense of authority and carry deep meaning.


Each one has their own TRUTH.
There is no Universal Truth other than LOVE.
Truth resides within each Soul.
The seed of Love/Truth is within each, yet each Soul “knows” it in its own way.
As LOVE grows, the Soul’s vibration increases.

Guidance From Yusef: What does your Soul desire?

Barbara: I sat down to write a little message from Yusef today, but that evidently is not what is happening here. I’d like to share a bit of my own story today.

2016 started off with two things for me–the first was a clear “knowing” that it would be an important year for me. The second was an onset of the doldrums. You know, that “stuck” place–that what am I supposed to do next place; that I just can’t put one foot in front of the other place. And even, that “where is God?” place. That was my month of January.

Then I woke up early one morning last week and entered into a lovely meditation. When I finished I knew I had to call a wise friend to see if I could get on her busy schedule that day. Now this is unlike me. I usually talk myself out of asking for help. Not this time. I emailed her that I was “stuck”. She knew what that meant and fortunately made time in her day for me.

After we met and spent some time together I came away renewed, with a much lighter step. She helped me to see that my Soul was eager for JOY!!! What a beautiful revelation!!

Now I have direction. Now I know that JOY is my Soul’s purpose for 2016! I know that joy will be the filter for all that I do. My Soul’s intent is joy, so…all my feelings, beliefs, thoughts, and actions must go through the filter of joy. If I can’t find JOY in what I do, say, feel, think, or believe, then I must refocus. This is my Soul Path, the “will of God” for me at this time. Joy is who I am.

Now this may sound happy and well, joyful, but I am beginning to understand that being accountable for my own joy may mean some disruption in the norm of my life. I suspect that it may be harder than I can see right now. I realize that making choices based on my inner Soul joy might be different for me–I often do things to please others first.  It might mean I will make changes in my life–changes in what I do, changes in relationships perhaps. That is generally what the Soul calls us to–change and growth. Not always the easiest path.

This year I will align with the desire of my Soul–Joy! One day, one decision, one choice at a time.

What does your Soul ask of you this year?

Blessings of Love and Soul Light, Barbara


Guidance From Yusef: Did Jesus have an Ego?

With some trepidation I offer this discourse. It may confuse some, put some at ease, and cause others to wonder. Perhaps it depends on each one’s understanding of the word “Ego.” Jesus showed us that we can be human with an ego that serves us rather than controls us and separates us from the Father.

Yusuf, did Jesus have an Ego?
Excellent question. It is a ‘stumper’ as you say. If we say yes then the model of Jesus as one who lived out of his Soul, or True Self/God, is damaged. If we say no then how could Jesus have been truly human?

Pause to consider why Jesus incarnated. Jesus, the Master, incarnated to offer the world a new way of BEING, a new ‘paradigm’ as you say, a new covenant. Jesus showed a relationship with God AS God to be possible in the human. The True Self IS the Soul, and is egoless. The ego exists only in the human. Jesus was Soul-conscious, that is, as a human he lived as his True Self (Soul) within the Human condition a greater percentage of the time than any before or after. It was during the Great Temptation [40 days in the desert], that he put his ego “in its place” as you say.

When we speak of EGO we speak of that uniquely human aspect that seeks to control the circumstances of life and sees itself as separate from the Father. This aspect was absent in Jesus as he sought only to do the bidding of the Father and did not know any separation from the Father. That was impossible for Jesus. Jesus and the Father were One on the Earth and in the Heavens.

Jesus DID have human emotion–tears and even anger–yet these were not of the ego which blocks relationship and oneness with the Father.

Jesus expressed his humanity through the ‘True Self’ of Spirit/Soul, One with God, having already dispelled the temptation to assume the False Self of ego.

So, in the end perhaps the answer to this question is “yes and no” depending on your definition of the term ‘ego’.  Jesus was for us a model of one who was “fully human and fully divine,” thus Jesus’ human Ego served him in his humanity rather than separated him from the Father. It is a lesson I am going to ponder these “40 days” of Lent.


Guidance From Yusef: Stepping Stones

(From June 2015) YUSEF:

In the world the distractions are many. This is purposeful—chosen by you so that you can find the “narrow” way through the obstacle-like course of this life.

There are the temptations, each specific to each one [person]. These come to all and are opportunities for growth. There is no one that escapes their own temptations. Though difficult, these are almost the stepping stones to glory/evolvement/soul growth.

The path in general must be discovered but when the way is shown, those ready may find it a help in their journeying.

Thus some of the steps are these:

  • Recognition of SELF beyond the self of the Earth
  • Awareness that things of the Earth, while valuable in the physical, do not matter
  • Awareness of the ego
  • An understanding of the connectedness and value of ALL beings
  • An aliveness, a sense of being awakened from a sleep—a new understanding that is difficult to articulate. It is beyond words.
  • Cessation of judgment
  • Desire to serve

These are some of the many signs on the path through this lifetime that will indicate movement forward.


Guidance From Yusef: Your Divine Nature

All things are possible. Let go of any doubts you carry. God is not stagnant, does not stop growing. God is expansion and growth. Let go of that which keeps you bound to Earthly understandings and begin to KNOW and REMEMBER who you are—a Divine Child of (God) the Universe.

The term “Divine” is the stumbling block for some, causing thoughts of unworthiness for those who believe themselves to be only human.

The Spirit within—your true Self—is a part of God. In that relationship you are a part of the “Divine” nature—the YOU that is Spirit/Soul.

The Human nature is a magnificent construct that allows such amazing growth opportunities. It is a gift and opportunity like none other to be in the human physical existence. (Do not judge those walking on difficult paths in their humanity. They have chosen the harder part.)

Walk in your Divinity as much as your Humanity. Choose to make your divine nature integral in your human nature. In that all the world and the Heavens are blessed. In that the Light of Christ shines out.

Guidance From Yusef: Portal Opening II


I have been asked if there are suggestions for those who would like to begin to look more deeply at what keeps them from inner peace and real happiness—in other words, Soul growth. I offer this today. 

Many of us have avoided looking deeply at our lives because it’s too hard, too much work, or too painful. But this is the chance to step up to do the inner work and have lots of heavenly help as we do it. 

There are many ways to begin, and there are also programs and teachers who can offer guidance. For me the surest way is to first agree to look at the barriers I hold that prevent my loving ‘better’. The Universe “hears” that, and then the challenges begin. 🙂 Whatever is in the way of happiness and union with God will surface—sometimes with a scary vengeance. The key is to recognize this as an opportunity from God to make the necessary changes in our lives. It is not for the faint of heart and it does take courage. We like to think that we are just fine—that it’s everyone else in the world who is wrong. 🙂 Read on….

God is delighted to ‘help’ us by presenting us with situation after situation that will “push our buttons” until we wake up and notice what we are doing. Now, once something shows up—anger for example, the idea is to step back, look at what is happening, and ask yourself, “Why am I reacting with anger to this?” “What in me is resisting this?” “What in me feels out of control here?”

At first it’s difficult to step back in that moment. Because over the years we have developed automatic responses that now seem normal to us. It takes practice to notice that anger and be able to step back to look at it. LOTS of practice. It seems like ‘it’s’ a part of us and can’t be changed…but it can.

We have likely BLAMED others for our reactions—parents, spouse, co-worker, ancestry, lack of money, lack of time, etc. etc. It’s not MY fault that they MAKE me so angry! 🙂

Well, no one is at fault. No one makes us do anything. It may be hard to believe at first, but we choose our reactions to every situation in our lives—every situation. Begin to notice that.

In order to let go of anger for instance, I must OWN that reaction. My anger is all mine. I am choosing to react in anger to that person or that situation. I can choose to respond in a different way.  In fact, another person may choose a completely different response to the same situation.

The cause or reasons for our reactions ALWAYS come from inside us. Ouch! When we can look more deeply at WHY we are reacting—in anger, or in controlling ways, or by retreating from the situation, or in any way other than love—then we are getting to the root causes we carry within us and we can begin to change.

Did I mention this takes practice? 🙂 So don’t lose heart—God is with you, and your Angels are cheering you on. It is also most helpful to journey with a trusted friend or friends so that you can talk together about what is changing in your lives. 

Blessings as you go and grow!

NOTE: I do appreciate your comments to these posts and would love to see more conversations take place. That is helpful to us all. I invite you to look on the website at some of the strings of comments. I will also ask Yusef for answers to any questions you may have.