Guidance From Yusef: The World is on a Precipice

My Guides tell me that the world is on a dangerous precipice right now, and they are not sure which way it will go. They gave me these “instructions”:

Love, Love, Love!*

Pray for peace—actively and without ceasing.**

Do not fear! This diverts your energy from Love, and it is only through Love and Prayer that the world will be saved.

*When we are showing love, we are giving off a light that can balance and even counter the hate. We are to remember that love is more powerful than hate and fear. Love to me is active here—connect with loved ones, do acts of service, be joyful and caring—any way we can give off positive light. I am especially sending love to the people in North and South Korea, and those in any other countries who are living in fear right now. They certainly need it.

**Pray as often as you can. I am calling on all the Heavens—the Father, Jesus, Spirit, Mary, the Angels, my favorite Saints…praying for peace as I go through my day. I’m leaving the details, the “how” it can be done, to God. 🙂

Love, Light, and Prayers for Peace,


Guidance From Yusef: Awaken!

The Heavens are encouraging each of us to AWAKEN!

To “awaken” means to wake-up to a new way of living and loving. It means to realize that we are here on this earth to learn, to teach, and to BE love. To awaken means:

  • To see life differently—with faith and trust, and without fear.
  • To realize we are more than we think we are—we are of God in Spirit/Soul.
  • To love the difficult to love.
  • To find joy in the midst of sadness; peace in the midst of chaos.
  • To hope when it seems hopeless.
  • To forgive the impossible to forgive.
  • To accept each person and each situation without judgment.


Awakening is for ALL. Once awakened others [friends, family] will note a change [in you]. Do not hide. Do not retreat into the old ways. 

Share. Tell of the joy and wonder of Love. Shine forth in love, forgiveness, and acceptance of all. Remain in peace, even in the midst of turmoil and chaos. 

Those awakened have a responsibility to share—each in their own way. There is no option to this. Accept and pass on love and joy. These will be seen by others.

Continue to HOPE. And remember the Helpers (both in the Heavens and on the Earth) that are available to assist you. Look beyond what human eyes tell. See the Helpers. Let them support, console, and remind you of who you are. You are LOVE and LIGHT. 

Follow the guidance you are given from Angels and Heavenly Guides. Find Love and Peace in all—the peace that is not of Earth—the Peace of sure faith and trust in Love.

Some may find it difficult to take their gaze from the busy-ness of the world to be able to see, hear, and follow the direction of the Helpers [of God].

The choice to LISTEN [to God] and SEE [the way] will be a choice that the world may not support, yet is the world dependent upon!! Look to those already awakened, shining with Love’s Light. Their light will show the way.

Come together. Through the coming together life, love, and truth are revealed. Thus is born the awakening. 


Guidance From Yusef: A Winnowing Time

The Heavens tell us that this is a very important time. That each of us has come to the Earth at this time to be a part of all that is occurring now. We are not here by chance.

The difficulties you are experiencing in the world will indeed worsen in your lifetime. It is a WINNOWING time. You have all come for the opportunities available to your Souls now. Some come to purify in the fires of violence. Some to assist. Some to become more aware. And for many other reasons known only to each Soul. Pray that all chose the way of Love. Some will not find their way through the difficulties.

This time and opportunity to chose Love is a rare gift offered to each person. When confronted with the choice to be afraid or to Love, chose Love. Love the oppressor as well as the oppressed. Each loving response benefits all.

Those who have chosen violence over Love have the opportunity now to make another choice. Pray for them. They are here for this opportunity. Each has chosen this lifetime for exactly the choices they have now.

The Heavens weep and cry with humankind. Weep and cry for so many lost opportunities–that many cannot yet SEE THE WAY.

Those who turn to Love, who remember that they ARE Love, have all the Heavens with them. If you could only see and realize the help pouring from the Heavens–the MANY eager to assist in this critical time–you would be awed!

We are here. Call upon us.



Guidance From Yusef: A Portal Opening


There is an opening from the Heavens at this time (a portal) that offers us all Grace, encouragement, and help for our personal Soul growth. That’s the REALLY good news. When God offers all the heaven’s help to us it is an extraordinary gift.

The maybe not-so-great news is that in order to take advantage of this opportunity we need to look at the barriers we have put up to God. You know, the parts of ourselves that we deny, or hide, or ignore so that we don’t have to face them. Things such as jealousy, greed, dishonesty, lack of forgiveness, self-centeredness, lack of trust, possessiveness, anger, prejudice, etc. Or the part of us that believes we are not worthy to be loved by God. 

We are being offered the opportunity and the help to face our faults, heal old wounds, let go of judgment, move from criticism to compassion, make adjustments to our thinking and our actions, and change what no longer benefits our Souls.

This is a new beginning, a recalculating, a redirecting of our lives in order to move closer to God. It is an opportunity to pay attention to what our Souls need.

Actually if you choose to accept this mission…it may be the hardest work you’ve ever done because it involves facing the parts of yourself that aren’t so pretty, and acknowledging that they really are a part of you. It’s forgiving yourself, and allowing those barriers to come down so that you can move on to be the BEST VERSION of YOURSELF.

No one knows how long this portal of GRACE will be open. I’ve missed some portals in my life, so if you want to move closer to God, now is the time to join me and do your inner work. We will all have all the help we need from God.

But WARNING: it takes COURAGE to really look at ourselves. And once we commit to that task, all of our ‘stuff’ (see above) WILL show up. When it does, send it love, say good-bye to it, and let it go. Forgive yourself and others and move forward.  Life is ever so much brighter and happier when the barriers to God’s love come down! 

Blessings to all!


Guidance from Yusef: It’s Time To Let Go of Fear

Happy Spring! This post and the next are exciting in their spirit of hope and the feeling of freedom from all the worries and concerns of life on this planet that bog us down. Yusuf is telling us it’s time to let go of fear. Well, that’s easier said than done. But the beautiful new spring growth on the Earth right now signals new beginnings and I think that is what the heavens want us to focus on now. We have all the help we need to begin to move away from fear and move toward the freedom of inner peace and happiness. Yay!

The joy of the heavens is in stark contrast to the emanations coming from the Earth. This is unnecessary since the potential for joy on the Earth has never been greater.230766536_3adce9b68b_m

The scene is set to move past the influences of fear on the Earth—breaking free as a butterfly would break free of the boundary of the cocoon.

This must be the image put forth. It is time to be free of the constricting bonds of fear. The wonder of that freedom, though new and sometimes a struggle to acclimate to, connects you to the heavens.

Freedom from fear elevates, levitates the soul. More, it allows connection and communion with All That Is (God) in a new way.

Fear is of the Earth. Let go of fear to soar into the heavens while yet on the Earth.

Joy! Freedom!

Guidance From Yusef: 8 Things I Know About Judgment


First a Note: Judging others or events in our lives as good or bad, right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate, holy or unholy, safe or unsafe seems to come naturally to us. A few examples of this judgment are: blaming, anger, disdain, eye rolling, shaming, name calling, or insisting that my religion, my country, and my ideas are the only right ones.


#1 I know we are taught (is conditioned too strong a word?) to judge. We are taught by well-meaning parents, family, religion, culture, and society to judge anything that is different from the rules and norms they  have passed on to us. We learn to “see” the world through the lenses they give us. And we learn the lessons well.

#2 I know that we judge so easily because judgment comes naturally to our human ego. The ego is that voice inside that reminds us to stay within the boundaries we’ve been given. It says that if others don’t look, think, dress, believe, worship, or act like us we must be wary of them. The ego also judges us—as not competent, unworthy, or unlovable, or even as better than everyone else.

#3 I know that we don’t see the world as IT IS. We don’t see the world as it really is—as if we were looking through the non-judgmental lens of a video camera capturing a scene. Instead we see the world through the lens of our biases. We think the way we see the world is the right way. We don’t question whether our biases are correct, or even notice that we’re judging others.

#4 I know that we judge the world as potentially dangerous. Taught to judge the world as potentially dangerous, we take measures to protect ourselves and our property. We have locks, guards, alarm systems, and passwords. We carry arms and secure our borders. These actions further isolate us from each other.

#5 I know that judgment comes from fear. Judgment points to our fears about something—safety, security, belonging, criticism, self-esteem, abandonment, and so on. We judge automatically and without thinking—and we’re not even aware that we carry these fears deep down. Most of our fears however, are much worse than the actual events in our lives. Often what we fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

#6 I know that judgment and love cannot exist in the same moment. If we are passing judgment on another person, no matter how slight, we cannot be loving them in the same moment. Judgment is the opposite of acceptance, appreciation, and love. It separates us from one another. We judge without acknowledging that everyone has their own reason for what they do.

#7 I know there are ways to re-program our automatic judgmental reactions! It IS possible to change our learned judgmental responses. There are steps we can take to become more aware of the biases we hold. We can move from judgment to understanding, and from fear to trust. We can begin to see that we’re all in this together and there truly is goodness in the world.

#8 I know that what we put out into the world we will get back from the world. If we are fearful, judgmental, and see others as threatening, we will react in ways that will threaten them. As long as humanity continues to judge in fear there will be unhappiness, war, terrorism, violence, and turmoil in the world. When we learn to come together in trust rather than judgment we will have the potential for a peaceful planet.


Note 2: Please be assured that I  know there are valid reasons to feel fear and determine a situation as dangerous. We have natural instincts that alert us when we, or those we love, are threatened with bodily harm, whether it be from a speeding car, a growling dog, while driving on an ice covered street, or from a person threatening us with a weapon. In these situations we revert to our instinctive responses to survive. But these life situations are not judged as good or bad, fair or unfair—they just are. So listen to that inner alarm and call 911, don’t go near the dog, and be careful on that slippery ice!









Guidance From Yusef: Choose Joy

This Thanksgiving week of 2014, I am reminded that amid all the media reports of devastation, conflict, and horror, we are the ones who must bring joy and love into the world. We can balance the negative energies out there simply by appreciating others and finding moments of joy and gratitude in each day. I don’t think we realize the impact that has in the world. Just think, the simple action of going through the week with a deep inner thanksgiving and appreciation will impact the energy fields throughout the world and out into the Universe.


Joy in the heavens sings forth in gratitude, words for all of humanity. Awaken to the joy that is yours!  

Imagine no fear—only joy—only Love. Do not be concerned regarding events of the future. The future takes care of itself. The future comes out of and is dependent upon the PRESENT. NOW is the important time. Move through the NOWs and worry not. Fear nothing.

Life on this planet hides within it potential and power. Arise now and claim that which belongs to those of the Earth—peace, joy beyond measure, and love. For this you have come to the Earth. Look past the weakness of the human nature to the power within, to the Source of all power—the beginning and the end.

Heed well. BE joy for those who cannot see joy. BE love for truly Love is what you are. And in the Love is Joy. And in the Joy is Light shining forth.

Guidance From Yusef: True Spirituality

Barbara: Recently I was moved by a message from Richard Rohr who writes that spirituality is always about changing our own way of SEEING and HEARING. That is what the Spirits were saying to me many years ago when they told me to SEE DIFFERENTLY.

We can see and hear the news of the world through our humanness, our egos, and what we may perceive is a fearful world–especially with the fighting in the Middle East, drastic weather events, and the latest Ebola crisis for example. Our humanness sees a world in which we are not safe. A world that threatens our home, our lifestyle, or our very lives.

But seen through the eyes of the Soul, the eyes of the God Mind, we can see differently–with love, compassion, trust, and hope for those suffering as a result of war, weather, or illness. We can see a world where we are safe, because in God there is really nothing to fear.
Rohr writes that “We mend and renew the world by strengthening inside ourselves what we seek outside ourselves...”

To find love, we must strengthen love within.
To find peace, we must strengthen peace within.
To find forgiveness, we must strengthen a forgiving heart within.
And above all, to see a safer world, we must begin to SEE DIFFERENTLY–through the eyes of the soul, the eyes of God.


Guidance From Yusef: Evolving Toward Love

Yusef tells us that now is a good time for evolution of the human race toward a more peaceful planet, and away from war. Growth toward the realization that we are all in this together and away from the sense of separation caused by borders, languages, nationalism, and religions. Growth toward the awareness of our interdependence with the Earth and awareness of its increasingly fragile state.

Yusef tells us that this is an optimal time, a window of opportunity, to move forward, and many in the Heavens are eager to help us through it.


The potential for humankind to evolve at this time is great. There gather a significant number now [on Earth] whose vibrational level moves forward the evolution of humankind. Come together. Support each other, so that vibrations might increase in the encounters.

There are those working on your plane and on ours to encourage movement and increase the acceleration. And so we are increasingly eager to share what will cause us all to be aware of our ONENESS. Our joy and love increases as the joy and love of one soul increases.

To you and others it may SEEM that we are disconnected from each other. That is far from truth. We have always been and will always be connected and the bond is stronger than you can understand. We are ONE though many. Interdependent. Interconnected. All a part of All That Is. It serves us all to move forward.


Guidance From Heaven: We Asked For It

Yusef tells us today that we have asked for everything that comes into our lives.  That may be hard to believe in some circumstances–quite hard. How can all the “bad” things be from God, and requested by us?

You may find yourself fighting against some life circumstances, feeling sorry for yourself about others, or resisting the people and events that life brings you. But if you remember that this is the Earth School and our Souls have come here to learn and grow, then you may begin to look at what each day brings in a different way.

We are all asked to pay attention to what life brings us, without judgment about its goodness or badness.  It is all at our Soul’s request.


Begin this day and every day with thanksgiving–gratefulness for whatever circumstances or situations present themselves in your living that day.

There is nothing that comes into your life that you have not in some way requested from God.

The request is seldom verbal and may not even be a conscious (thought) request from you. Rather, it comes from deep within you as a part of the Plan your Soul designed with God before you came into this world.

ALL that enters your life–whether it be events, people, or physical manifestations [things]–ALL are your Soul’s intention.

Let us explain further.

Your requests follow the Plan prepared by you and God. Thus is this Plan the design of your Soul.

The designs (Plans) of the Souls on Earth serve a multitude of purposes that are hidden during the lifetime. Far too complex for your concern. The important thing to note, as you say, is that everything and everyone in your life is there at your conscious or unconscious request.

It is all there for you to first experience, and then to respond to. Things are not just happening “to” you. You have asked that they happen to teach you what you came here to learn.

The more conscious and aware you are of this, the greater the learning and growth will be.  The visible evidence of this growth will be the peace and acceptance you feel with all that life brings to you.

However, if the circumstances and people in your life at this time are no longer of benefit to you, you have the power to make the changes that will bring you greater inner peace. The entire Universe/God will support all your desires/requests.

“Bad, or unwanted experiences, are only what we call experiences whose part in our growth and integration we do not yet understand. The minute we understand that ALL experiences enrich our life because they all cause learning and growth, no experience is seen as bad.” Teal Swan