Guidance From Yusef: We KNOW You


The scenarios you devise to frame the lives you are living allow for the perfect circumstances for your Soul’s purpose to be accomplished. This is one factor. Likewise, the personality you wear is perfect for your purpose.

What you have chosen to do, or work through, or learn, can only be done for your Soul in the life and personality you have chosen.

Remember you are not alone. So many think they are alone. If they could only realize how the Heavens are intimately connected.

We KNOW you. We UNDERSTAND you. We HEAR you. We LOVE you. And we are here to assist you in what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime.

Guidance From Yusef: Purpose and Path

After a long absence I begin again.
And so I asked: If “God has a plan” how is it that our thoughts and feelings influence and even create our lives? That we can seem so far away from our purpose and plan?

What you call God’s Plan is the plan you participated in at the beginning–your PURPOSE and PATH. When your thoughts and feelings align with these then all things work for good.

Your subconscious is aware of the Path set out for you, yet it does not over-ride your free will in the human, for this is the human world and is in charge here. Your will is carried out as you order it.

When you are aware of this dynamic interchange you are able to connect the subconscious to the conscious that allows you to be more aware of your Path and Purpose on the Earth and follow it as you will. It is all your choice.

Guidance From Yusef: A Winnowing Time

The Heavens tell us that this is a very important time. That each of us has come to the Earth at this time to be a part of all that is occurring now. We are not here by chance.

The difficulties you are experiencing in the world will indeed worsen in your lifetime. It is a WINNOWING time. You have all come for the opportunities available to your Souls now. Some come to purify in the fires of violence. Some to assist. Some to become more aware. And for many other reasons known only to each Soul. Pray that all chose the way of Love. Some will not find their way through the difficulties.

This time and opportunity to chose Love is a rare gift offered to each person. When confronted with the choice to be afraid or to Love, chose Love. Love the oppressor as well as the oppressed. Each loving response benefits all.

Those who have chosen violence over Love have the opportunity now to make another choice. Pray for them. They are here for this opportunity. Each has chosen this lifetime for exactly the choices they have now.

The Heavens weep and cry with humankind. Weep and cry for so many lost opportunities–that many cannot yet SEE THE WAY.

Those who turn to Love, who remember that they ARE Love, have all the Heavens with them. If you could only see and realize the help pouring from the Heavens–the MANY eager to assist in this critical time–you would be awed!

We are here. Call upon us.



Guidance From Yusef: Vibration and Frequency

In a few paragraphs Yusef tells us of the importance of growing in Love and thus increasing our vibrational frequency. (Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Caring, Joy, etc. have very high frequencies). He also tells us that our Soul’s frequency determines ‘where’ we go when we leave the Earth. The ‘where’ can be called Heaven, or whatever term you are comfortable using.

It may seem confusing but you might think of what some tell the children–that each act of Love is building your Mansion in heaven. :)) That is an over-simplification, but there are similarities.


There is much to share. We tell of Earth and the challenges of living the Human life, and we tell of the boundless wonders of the Highest Heavens. Now we speak of the “between” as you say. The places between Earth and the Highest Heavens.

The ‘where’ that we speak of is dependent on the vibration of the Spirit/Soul. There are many ‘places’ in the Heavens. Some would seem like ‘Heaven’ and some ‘Hell’, as you say, depending on the Soul’s frequency.

Now, when a soul incarnates it is already vibrating at a frequency attained from previous growth in the Heavens and previous lifetimes on the Earth. Thus the lifetime chosen is already influenced by that vibration and the Life Plan has been constructed considering the Soul’s vibrational frequency.

When the Soul migrates from Earth it will return to its vibrational match in the Heavens. The Soul will recognize Home, yet it will have also changed/grown from the lifetime. 

It is important to grow in Love in this lifetime and thus increase the frequency of the Soul’s vibration while on the Earth plane. We are here to assist.

Guidance From Yusef: We have Control

Yusuf speaks today of the power we have over our own lives. It is the conscious choices that we make each day that determine the direction of our lives.

But it is so easy to lose sight of that power and give over our choices and control to others, or to fear, or to the rules that others impose on us. It can be as simple as recognizing that in every moment of the day we are given the choice in how we respond–to the wonderful things, as well as the difficult things. And it’s in our choices and our responses that our life unfolds.

Do we choose to find fault, to blame, to follow rules that no longer apply, or to fear differences, for example? Or do we choose to accept what life brings and see all as opportunity from God to accomplish the purpose for which we came–to become our best selves?


All the small things that consume your mind–the worries, the concerns, the plans–are distractions.

You have total control over your daily life, and I say YOUR life because it is the only one you can affect. At the same time most have abdicated that control to others or to the rules of family, society, culture or religion that you have chosen to follow. You have replaced control over your life with distractions and fears that often control you.

Become more aware that you do have control. It has always been yours to make the choices that direct your life. You need not hand over this control to others in your life, or the rules you follow, or the ego’s distractions.

You are capable of each movement, each choice in your life. You carry your purpose and truth within you. Your Spirit/Soul can see the way clearly.

It is the integration of your Spirit/Soul with the essence of your physical human nature, that assures control of your life on the Earth.

We are with you.

Guidance From Yusef: On Rumi

Barbara: I am sharing part of Richard Rohr’s message for today as he writes about Rumi. Jalal al-Din Rumi was a scholar, theologian, Sufi mystic, and an inspired poet who lived in the 13th century. His works are some of my very favorites. He was also the head of a Dervish Sufi learning community in Turkey. (Sufism is the mystical arm of Islam.)

I was moved and inspired by Rumi’s Dervish Community Purpose that Rohr quotes. Though he lived in the 13th century, I would say that this Purpose, with a small change—I do not “fiercely search for” anything these days—could be mine today in this 21st century:

“To open the heart, to explore the mystery of union, to fiercely search for and try to say truth, and to celebrate the glory and difficulty of being in a human incarnation.”

Guidance From Yusef: Sacrifice

This message is a powerful one. It asks us to let go of the currently accepted notion of “sacrifice” that many hold as something of value. I know from my youth I was taught to ‘sacrifice’ my own needs for the needs of others. Yusef asks us to rethink that idea or standard. He tells us that our idea of sacrifice, or denying ourselves, is of the ego and is not of God. You might need to read this one a few times…and make sure you read to the end. 🙂


Regarding now the idea of “sacrifice.” Beware this very tricky web. There is no such thing in the Heavens.

Sacrifice in the human understanding denies the presence of God, who asks for NO sacrifice. You are beloved ones who have access to all. The idea that you must sacrifice a part of your “all-ness” would leave a gaping hole in the fabric of Heaven. Impossible.

The idea of sacrifice is a construct of the EGO that says you must separate from your Self. It assumes that you would be left wanting or missing something. Again, impossible.

The idea of sacrificing, or giving up what you have been given by God, whether it be your time, your energy, your gifts, or your physical possessions is unthinkable.

Now, if you CHOOSE to give of your time, energy, gifts, or possessions, then it is not sacrifice. It is LOVE.

Reframe the idea of sacrifice. Realize it comes from that which would separate you further from your SELF and each other. God asks no such thing of you. When you can, let go of the concept of ‘sacrificing’ for another person or group. Then you have RECLAIMED the SELF that you are.

Then, and only then, are you able to GIVE FREELY to others and that gift is blessed by the Heavens.

Guidance From Yusef: Mary’s “Yes”

Barbara: At this time of year I am struck again by the power of Mary’s “Yes” to God’s will for her life. The Biblical account in the Gospel of Luke, tells us that the Angel Gabriel sought Mary out to tell her she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus, Son of God. According to the Bible, the Angel didn’t seem to give her much of an option, but it does say that Mary agreed to it by proclaiming herself “the servant of the Lord.”

Yusuf tells us that “There are specific purposes chosen for each lifetime….” so we can safely assume that we know what Mary’s purpose was. What if she had said no? In this world and in the Heavens “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer. There is no judgment around it. We have free will to accept what life brings to us or not. Mary said Yes to the Angel and to the plan that determined the rest of her life. Jesus also said, “Yes” to what God asked of his life.

I am reminded again that it is important to assert my “Yes” to what life brings to me, no matter what it is. Everything that comes into my life is for my soul growth and for my greater good. It may not always seem that way, but that’s only because I may not have discovered yet the blessing that it brings with it.

Each of us has a purpose on the Earth that only we can fulfill. No one else can do what we have come here to do. So if an Angel does happen to appear in full glory in my room or your room, I sure hope that we will not “be afraid,” but will welcome it with humility and great joy. Chances are this won’t happen, but today and every day I will try to proclaim my YES to life, and to live more consciously in the Light of Love, as Mary and Jesus did.

Guidance From Heaven: Growing As One

Yusef: The Universe is supremely supportive. In reality we are ONE. Therefore we are you and you are we.  It is our choice to assist you and others to remember the task that was set forth for the lifetime experience. We also work to advance the experiences of those on your planet. We are here to help. When you grow, we all benefit. Though we have said this many times, it applies here again. We also benefit individually (as well as collectively) from your growth.

Division is not of the heavens. All are One. There is no separation. When humans grasp this concept it will move evolution forward. It will remove many obstacles now existing that prevent further growth.

Thus begins a message that underlies why we are here on this Earth, in this Earth-School. Each is each here to do what none other can do. We are here to fulfill the purpose for which we came. We are in a continually evolving human existence, growing and becoming.

The term “evolution” refers to the growth of humanity on this planet, part of an ever evolving, ever growing Universe. Substitute the word growth for evolution and you will come close to the concept Yusef is communicating.

Yusef tells us that now is a good time for evolution of the human race toward a more peaceful planet, and away from war. Growth toward the realization that we are all in this together and away from the sense of separation caused by borders, languages, nationalism, and religions. Growth toward the awareness of our interdependence with the Earth and awareness of its increasingly fragile state.

Guidance From Heaven: We Asked For It

Yusef tells us today that we have asked for everything that comes into our lives.  That may be hard to believe in some circumstances–quite hard. How can all the “bad” things be from God, and requested by us?

You may find yourself fighting against some life circumstances, feeling sorry for yourself about others, or resisting the people and events that life brings you. But if you remember that this is the Earth School and our Souls have come here to learn and grow, then you may begin to look at what each day brings in a different way.

We are all asked to pay attention to what life brings us, without judgment about its goodness or badness.  It is all at our Soul’s request.


Begin this day and every day with thanksgiving–gratefulness for whatever circumstances or situations present themselves in your living that day.

There is nothing that comes into your life that you have not in some way requested from God.

The request is seldom verbal and may not even be a conscious (thought) request from you. Rather, it comes from deep within you as a part of the Plan your Soul designed with God before you came into this world.

ALL that enters your life–whether it be events, people, or physical manifestations [things]–ALL are your Soul’s intention.

Let us explain further.

Your requests follow the Plan prepared by you and God. Thus is this Plan the design of your Soul.

The designs (Plans) of the Souls on Earth serve a multitude of purposes that are hidden during the lifetime. Far too complex for your concern. The important thing to note, as you say, is that everything and everyone in your life is there at your conscious or unconscious request.

It is all there for you to first experience, and then to respond to. Things are not just happening “to” you. You have asked that they happen to teach you what you came here to learn.

The more conscious and aware you are of this, the greater the learning and growth will be.  The visible evidence of this growth will be the peace and acceptance you feel with all that life brings to you.

However, if the circumstances and people in your life at this time are no longer of benefit to you, you have the power to make the changes that will bring you greater inner peace. The entire Universe/God will support all your desires/requests.

“Bad, or unwanted experiences, are only what we call experiences whose part in our growth and integration we do not yet understand. The minute we understand that ALL experiences enrich our life because they all cause learning and growth, no experience is seen as bad.” Teal Swan