Guidance From Yusef: A Mantle of Peace

We understand the human response of fear to many situations in the world now. Thus it is imperative to get beyond that response—of fear, and those emotions coming from fear—frustration, anger, depression, deep concern, and so on.

As we have said, and remind you here again, the Earth MUST have more love and hope than fear. Do not allow fear. When you feel the emotions associated with fear, go immediately into a place of quiet that you may release the fear, let go of the insanity, and return to the sanity of who you are—Love.

All [of you] must find a way, or a place, or a practice that will allow love and hope to replace any aspect of fear.

Be vigilant in recognizing when you are moving from love and peace to fear. Once you have taught yourself to recognize the fear and accompanying agitation and discomfort, then you can also train yourself to go to the quiet (even in the busy-ness of your day) to let go of it, and allow us to remind you that you are love.

Look to those of us whom God has sent to you as encouragers, protectors, consolers, and guides in this lifetime. We are here for you.

Just as the one writing this has come to us agitated today, you may also come. And a sweet mantle of PEACE will descend over you in the quiet to renew you, and remind you of how much you are loved.

It is with great joy and love that we tell you again of the assistance you have from the Heavens. You are LOVE. Be vigilant. Let go of the darkness of fear that takes hold of you, and return always to the Light of Love. In this is the salvation of the world.

You are JOY.

You are LOVE.

You are LIGHT.

And from these come PEACE and HOPE for the World.

Our blessing is upon you.


Guidance From Yusef: Remember WHO YOU ARE

The heavenly bodies are what you can see in the Heavens, but once again there is more that you cannot see. We are here to assist you in the discovery of who you are, and to remind you that you are more than you can see—it is so easy to forget.

As you raise your vibration through love, your awareness grows. As your awareness grows your life changes. 

There is a difference between living a “good” life and awakening. We pray that all chose the latter which is far more beneficial to the soul. Awaken to who you really are, beyond the human ego. You are Spirit/Soul, that which is one with God.

Once awakened, the awareness of God grows exponentially. The teaching here is the question—Do you want to live a good and just life here, or do you want to grow closer to the Oneness, God?

Two vastly different choices.

Choosing to awaken will also produce a good and just life here.  AWARENESS is the difference—the awareness of God and your divinity in God. This leads to awakening. The difference is like comparing a high school basketball player to Michael Jordan.

Be satisfied, or seek to grow in awareness and thus awaken to who you truly are, your True Self, one with God and All That Is.



Open The Door: A Meditation from Yusef

The stars reside in the Heavens. The oceans on the Earth. But the Human Heart holds them all in the Spirit dwelling within.

Open the door to your heart and therein find the One in Love with you, and the stars, and the tides that rule the earth.

Whether the door be locked, or heavy, or difficult to open, open it today.

Who would deny reception to the Love that is yourself? Who would not allow the friend, the lover, the life-giver entry into your home?

Who would hold themselves out in the cold when they too reside within the heart?

When the door is opened and you see not only the God who loves you beyond all telling, but you see your SELF—pure and clean, without fault or blame—then you are healed. Then life begins anew for you.

There is none but God, and ALL reside in that Love Energy you name God.

You in God, and God in You. Begin to know your True Self.

Open your door.


Guidance From Yusef: Listen to Your Soul

There are many who desire to know more, to become more aware. They begin to hear their soul’s urgings. They find ways to learn, to grow, assisted by those of us who guide them.

Yet there are others—those who have not paid attention to the soul’s urgings—those who have yet to hear their soul speaking to them, or to see the light we are shining on the path for their lives.

Those who have not become aware of the soul’s urging may face events that cause them to pay attention. That cause them to question their assumptions about the way they have been living their daily lives. [An illness, or life changing event, for instance].

They always have a choice to either dismiss the urgings, the lessons, the nudges, OR to begin to open to a new way.

When one does become aware they can see differently. They hear as never before, and they are open to guidance from the heavens.

As you can see, we CONTROL nothing. We are always with you—guiding—yet each must open to the awareness regarding the present path to determine if it is  helpful to their purpose on the Earth.

We rejoice in awareness of the soul’s urgings, and eagerly assist to the limit each one allows. 

Yusef, Guide and Teacher

Guidance From Yusef: We KNOW You


The scenarios you devise to frame the lives you are living allow for the perfect circumstances for your Soul’s purpose to be accomplished. This is one factor. Likewise, the personality you wear is perfect for your purpose.

What you have chosen to do, or work through, or learn, can only be done for your Soul in the life and personality you have chosen.

Remember you are not alone. So many think they are alone. If they could only realize how the Heavens are intimately connected.

We KNOW you. We UNDERSTAND you. We HEAR you. We LOVE you. And we are here to assist you in what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime.

Guidance From Yusef: Perception Can Be Tricky

We are cautioned about our perceptions today. The current meme is “What we perceive, we believe.” Well, that’s a bit scary since our perceptions are not necessarily based on reality. And we so easily believe what our perceptions tell us.

For example, when we watch news footage of acts of terror in another country our emotions may cause us to perceive that WE are in imminent danger also. The response is fear for our own safety. That perception—that we are in danger—may then influence all of our emotions and actions and predictably cause us (unnecessary) stress. I like the quote from Michel De Montaigne who lived in the 16th century and said, “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” Today we are told that 80-85% of what we fear never happens. Good to remember.

Or we may make judgments about a person based on incorrect perceptions from our senses (what we see or hear) that seem real, but those perceptions later prove to be wrong.

The heavens are telling us to be cautious and to question our perceptions, judgments, and  beliefs. Are they real? Or are they generated from fear? Fear that may or may not be realized.

YUSEF: Become aware of your perceptions. Perceptions are based on information/data [that is] collected over time through [your] experience. That experience is filtered through a belief system that has its own vision and tradition. It is not reality.

Therefore, judge nothing. Question everything. Do not attach to, or identify with the ideas of the world. These will mislead [you].

Go calmly instead, trusting the guidance of the Angels and Spirits. What you cannot perceive through the senses often has more validity than the senses. Trust these [senses] not; all information coming in from the senses is filtered through the biases [you were] taught [from a young age]. Do not succumb to fear. Do not judge. Trust. 


Guidance From Yusef: Awaken!

The Heavens are encouraging each of us to AWAKEN!

To “awaken” means to wake-up to a new way of living and loving. It means to realize that we are here on this earth to learn, to teach, and to BE love. To awaken means:

  • To see life differently—with faith and trust, and without fear.
  • To realize we are more than we think we are—we are of God in Spirit/Soul.
  • To love the difficult to love.
  • To find joy in the midst of sadness; peace in the midst of chaos.
  • To hope when it seems hopeless.
  • To forgive the impossible to forgive.
  • To accept each person and each situation without judgment.


Awakening is for ALL. Once awakened others [friends, family] will note a change [in you]. Do not hide. Do not retreat into the old ways. 

Share. Tell of the joy and wonder of Love. Shine forth in love, forgiveness, and acceptance of all. Remain in peace, even in the midst of turmoil and chaos. 

Those awakened have a responsibility to share—each in their own way. There is no option to this. Accept and pass on love and joy. These will be seen by others.

Continue to HOPE. And remember the Helpers (both in the Heavens and on the Earth) that are available to assist you. Look beyond what human eyes tell. See the Helpers. Let them support, console, and remind you of who you are. You are LOVE and LIGHT. 

Follow the guidance you are given from Angels and Heavenly Guides. Find Love and Peace in all—the peace that is not of Earth—the Peace of sure faith and trust in Love.

Some may find it difficult to take their gaze from the busy-ness of the world to be able to see, hear, and follow the direction of the Helpers [of God].

The choice to LISTEN [to God] and SEE [the way] will be a choice that the world may not support, yet is the world dependent upon!! Look to those already awakened, shining with Love’s Light. Their light will show the way.

Come together. Through the coming together life, love, and truth are revealed. Thus is born the awakening. 


Guidance From Yusef: Messages From the Heavens

Barbara: Yusef speaks today of receiving messages from the Heavens—from your Guides, the Angels, the Holy Spirit, or any message coming from those of God. These messages are coming from Beings whose vibration is very high, and so it is important that we try to raise our vibration to a high frequency so that we can “hear” them. That means getting out of our thinking mind in prayer, or love, appreciation, joy, gratitude, etc.

We vibrate higher when we are praying or meditating, or when we are in a state of love, gratitude, or bliss. For example, when we pause to deeply enjoy a sunset, or feel the overwhelming emotion of new life, or when we express deep gratitude or thanks; all of these, and the many other times we consciously pause from our daily thoughts, raise the frequency of our vibration.


“Messages” are pouring forth from the Heavens—from Angels, Guides, and other Helpers of the One [God].

The messages that arise into conscious thought are sometimes rejected as “crazy,” or “made up.” Others are thought to be interesting but are soon let go. Others, for those ready to acknowledge this, are seen as a great Ah ha! When a person is open to the reality occurring in the communication between Heaven and Earth there is a rejoicing in the Heavens.

Now this process is dependent solely upon the frequency of the vibration of the human in its ability to be both received and perceived. This does not stop the Heavens from continuous attempts to communicate. That is a constant.

Messages download, as you say, into the human consciousness. They are truths resonating to the frequency of the receiver. When you begin to “hear” the messages spoken to you they may even seem natural. This is because your True Self/Soul, already knows these truths and recognizes them.  In this way the Heavens speak to each one.

The higher your vibrational resonance, the greater the likelihood that the message is received and the greater the possibility that it is heard. We rejoice in the hearing.



Guidance From Yusef: Awareness

I have found AWARENESS to be very important for deeper union with God. It could be defined as consciousness, insight, or being awake to the Spirit. Yusef has spoken of it in other messages, but lately there seems to be a light shining on it. It is a key to living a spiritual life. A key to being able to see God in our lives. And also a key to seeing how we are often distracted from God in our humanity and the busy-ness of our lives,

I am currently writing on Awareness with Yusef by my side, so I suspect there will be more for us. Yusef is a good teacher. This is from him. Read and listen with your heart. Love, Barbara


Awareness is seeing the vastness of God. It is being AWAKE in your human nature. It is recognizing that you are in the PRESENCE of the Divine. It is transcending the pull of your human nature to be able to ‘lift off’ into the true reality. It is seeing with the joy of clarity.

Awe and delight live in awareness. It is the freedom and the fullness that is recognition of your Oneness with the Divine. It is your UNLIMITED SELF SEEING ITSELF IN GOD.

Do not let the trials and concerns of life influence your awareness. It is in awareness WE are. Awareness is beyond ego.

The Heavens open for you in Awareness. You are then able to love yourself in the human and also delight in your divinity. 

Dance in Awareness.