Barbara’s Story

It began one morning at 5:30 am when I was awakened by a command to, “Write”.  I was disoriented, sleepy, and to tell the truth quite obstinate, declaring to the formless voice, “Do you know what time it is?”  It took several repetitions of the one-word command before I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed, still groggy and half asleep.  And thus my work as a Scribe began.

I was never quite sure if I was communicating with one or more Spirits since I sometimes felt one presence, and other times a group of perhaps three or more. My role though was clearly as a receiver and transcriber, and it became obvious as they struggled to find the words that would accurately communicate the concepts, that they were subject to my limited vocabulary and mental abilities.  I just kept reminding them that they chose me, not the other way around.

I became curious about the source of the dictation, and decided to ask for a name that I could use.  When I did the answer was immediately forthcoming.  I wasn’t sure of the spelling, but I finally settled on “Yusef”.  That felt right and seemed acceptable to my Spirit partner, or partners.  So now I had a name and it began to feel more like a relationship.

As time passed, I became awed at the reality and significance of what was happening.  It was quite humbling at times. The messages were loving, encouraging, hopeful, and even joyful and yet I was often overwhelmed with what seemed like a tremendous responsibility. Why would I be receiving messages from Spirits of God?  Yusef’s response was simple: I was nothing special really—I was merely open.

I  thought about sharing the material, but something held me back. It would be three years before I felt comfortable enough to share “The Dictation” with a few close friends, some of my siblings, and my parents.  The reaction of each one was different and some felt unsettled by it, but no one said I was crazy or discounted the authenticity of the writings.  They recognized that it wasn’t the way I would write, nor was it content that I would be familiar with. I knew what I was experiencing was not the norm, but it had become a reality that I could trust.

It has been close to a decade since that first morning wake-up, and I now have a new task—to share the dictation from Yusef with more than just family and friends. This site contains some of the messages, but I have also published a book of the messages that is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other sites. Look for BookCoverImage

GOD SENT: Messages of Love and Hope for Our World Today.

Blessings, Barbara

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