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Guidance From Yusef: Freedom to Choose

Note: Yusef has many words for God, but one that I find myself using lately is “Godness.” To me it indicates the ALL that is God, and it removes the sense of gender so common to us. Universe, Source, Father, The Divine, ALL, Godness. Chose whatever term you are comfortable with as you read. 🙂

And for the first time in a long time Yusef offers us what he refers to as “Knowings.” These are short declarations of truth.


There is a freedom in the “Godness,” as you say, that allows each person to experience what it chooses—to expand and grow based on the choices it makes.

Growing is not an option. All is growth/expansion, or it withers and dies. Thus the direction of growth has a thrust or determination based on the choices made.

We have spoken of choices and their importance. Perhaps it becoming clearer now.


All are a part of ALL. There can be no other.

There is freedom in the ALLNESS [God].

All [God] continues to expand/grow/evolve.

As in all life, the rate of growth is flexible.

Freedom allows choice. Choice is the only way ALL [God] can experience the diversity of expression.

Vibration of the light within each one reflects the choices they have made.

Guidance From Yusef: Light and Color (continued)


In the color analogy [with white representing God, or all color, and individual colors representing souls], when the color “blue” choses to merge its beauty with ALL colors, it becomes a part of WHITE (God). It never loses itself however; it remains free to be itself—feely joined with all colors and dancing within the white light of God.

There are other choices—to move toward black and be lost in the darkness is a choice. Lost is an appropriate word since the merging with blackness means being absorbed—the freedom of the color/soul to be itself is lost.

There are some persons who make this choice—little by little they move toward the darkness. (As we have said, one choice leads to the next choice.) 

The choice for a soul to enter the metaphorical darkness causes a shuddering in the Heavens. There is a loss felt that all recognize. This is a tremendous occurrence/event/happening. Abyssmal.

Yet mighty efforts continue to bring light into the darkness. When the light is allowed in, then little by little, the souls may remember themselves. This is a dynamic that requires much that you are unable to find words for or understand now. 

Remain in the Light. Grow in the Light.

Guidance From Yusef: On Light and Color

Barbara: Yusef gives us an interesting metaphor for God (white light) and we who are of God (colors within the white light). A little background from science:

White light consists of all colors in the visible light spectrum. Each color retains its hue and shade while still being a part of the Whole-White. For example, blue can be found within white. It can be seen as blue when the white light is passed through a prism, reflecting the color blue as well as all the colors (of the Rainbow).

In Yusef’s example, think of yourself as blue, or green, or red, and God as the white Light. You are still yourself, yet you are at the same time a part of the All, God.

Black on the other hand absorbs all colors. Blue loses its hue and shade when absorbed into black. No prism will reveal a color in black. It is impossible to extract a color from black. No light bounces off black.


You are all indeed an intimate part of God. There are some in the Light and some yet in the darkness, and some on the continuum between light and dark.

God is an ever evolving force. God, or Pure [white] Light, is accommodating, including, and encompassing all the expressions and shades of Light. 

Think of the “color” white. It is white because it includes all colors. Each color is yet itself, and it is at the same time a part of the whole—white.

Black, or darkness, also includes colors, yet in black the colors are absorbed and are no longer themselves. Black is the absence of the incredible spectrum of color that makes up white.

Remain in the Light.

More coming on this subject….



Guidance From Yusef: Law in the Universe

We continue with what we have called the LAW that governs the Heavens and the Earth. 

As you can readily observe, the Earth is in pain—suffering from actions that would TAKE without considering replenishment, and USE freely without considering the ecology of consumption.

The Law of Love—respect, regard, care, honor—has not been followed here. Thus the NATURAL consequences will unfold as a result.

There is yet time to begin the recovery. To begin anew in the care of the Mother who also sustains your human existence. All efforts are worthy.

This is an example of the LAW that governs the Universe. When love, respect, regard, and care abound, there is abundance, joy, peace. Where they do not, there is grief, sadness, and death. The consequences follow the actions. Law.

There is no punitive God on high measuring out punishment or justice. There are only natural consequences for action. 

Actions of love reap peace and joy. Actions of violence reap violence.

LOVE! Become AWARE of each action you take—is it kind, caring, respectful? Take always the “high road.” The highest vibration you can manage. It will return to you 10 fold. It is the LAW.


Guidance From Yusef: On God

And so I asked, “Tell us of God.” This is a long one, and I suspect that it will take careful reading and your prayerful consideration to take it all in. 🙂 With love, Barbara

The letters that you write for the word you express as “God” are just that, letters. They help the human mind find a tag or a concept for that which has no clear (for the human mind) understanding. Thus we attempt to explain the unexplainable.

In order to do this we make assumptions on your human thinking. The reality is beyond your comprehension. Thus our challenge is to ascribe words to that which cannot be defined by words.

Humans require a something, or a someone, called GOD to explain the LOVE that orders the Universe. There “must be” a person or individual force that decrees the order and holds it as LOVE. Many also think that this personification of POWER is, or can be, punitive.

If we tell you, in order for you to make some sense of it in your humanity, that what humans think of as GOD does not exist it would shatter the construct many live by.

Now we must say that you do nothing that can be called “wrong” in your prayer to the Divine/God. Yet we do say that as you have defined it, God is not a “Being.” 

Some terms such as Divine, or Source, or All That Is, or our term, Life-Giver, are accurate as long as you do not personify these terms. God is not a person.

The “Fatherness” of God is the Source of your life. Just as your human fathers provide the necessary factors for your human existence, so does the Force, or Source of Life, sustain your human existence.

The most difficult for you to understand may be that this life force, while LOVE, is yet IMPERSONAL. This is a key—God is impersonal. Thus “God” does not get excited, angry, disappointed, proud, happy, sad, or judgmental. In using these words you make the God Force human—with emotions. The God Force is emotionless. This does not make this Force any less LOVE.

The LOVE FORCE that is “God” is: beneficent, consistent, persistent, unchanging, pervasive, orderly, generous, encouraging, supportive, non-judgmental, energetic (vibrating), and expanding (growing).

It is all “bigger” than the constructs you devise to contain it for your human understanding. 

This is a good start. We bid you good-night.


Guidance From Yusef: A Mantle of Peace

We understand the human response of fear to many situations in the world now. Thus it is imperative to get beyond that response—of fear, and those emotions coming from fear—frustration, anger, depression, deep concern, and so on.

As we have said, and remind you here again, the Earth MUST have more love and hope than fear. Do not allow fear. When you feel the emotions associated with fear, go immediately into a place of quiet that you may release the fear, let go of the insanity, and return to the sanity of who you are—Love.

All [of you] must find a way, or a place, or a practice that will allow love and hope to replace any aspect of fear.

Be vigilant in recognizing when you are moving from love and peace to fear. Once you have taught yourself to recognize the fear and accompanying agitation and discomfort, then you can also train yourself to go to the quiet (even in the busy-ness of your day) to let go of it, and allow us to remind you that you are love.

Look to those of us whom God has sent to you as encouragers, protectors, consolers, and guides in this lifetime. We are here for you.

Just as the one writing this has come to us agitated today, you may also come. And a sweet mantle of PEACE will descend over you in the quiet to renew you, and remind you of how much you are loved.

It is with great joy and love that we tell you again of the assistance you have from the Heavens. You are LOVE. Be vigilant. Let go of the darkness of fear that takes hold of you, and return always to the Light of Love. In this is the salvation of the world.

You are JOY.

You are LOVE.

You are LIGHT.

And from these come PEACE and HOPE for the World.

Our blessing is upon you.


Guidance From Yusef: You Exist in the Heavens and on the Earth

I think I really need to explain this message a little. 🙂

Each of us on the Earth has a soul that is a part of an ‘oversoul’ that continues to be with God. That is, our soul is just a part of, or we could say an aspect of, the Soul that is in heaven. Your soul is like a reflection of your heavenly self (Soul) that exists as a part of God.

In other words, Yusef says you have a ‘minor’ soul here that is still a part of, or an aspect of, your ‘major’ soul in heaven.

To further complicate your thinking, you also have many ‘minor’ souls experiencing life in the physical right now. Picture your major Soul as a large ship in the ocean (God). Your minor souls, are like small dingys that have left the larger ship to go out and experience something new. Your major Soul has many dingys out right now and yours is just one of them. Your major Soul is experiencing everything your soul on earth is right now. That is how it expands and grows.

I hope that you will ask questions or begin a discussion if this topic interests (or confuses) you.:)


The human mind is insistent in its drive to make sense of the world. This ensures survival. However, in this discourse, the need to understand is not beneficial. 

You are aware that it will serve you to remember WHO YOU ARE and to BE in the awareness as much and as often as you are able. 

Now we tell you that you reside with us as much as you reside on the earth. You are with us in ‘Heaven’ now as you have always been.

There is an aspect of You that is currently in a human existence, but that does not diminish the You that is here, or the aspects of you living other lifetimes at this same moment.

Thus your Oversoul or Major Soul as we have said, does exist as a part of God always. You are an aspect of that Major Soul that is participating in the Oneness [God] fully.

Enjoy your life on the earth—it was chosen by you and for you. But do not lose sight that you are much more than the personality you have chosen for this lifetime.

You have chosen a role to play. It is not WHO YOU ARE. It is a role. Enjoy it; learn from its experiences, and grow in love through it.

You are a part of the Most High God. Believe this truth and you will awaken. In that awakening your soul will dance and the earth and heavens will sing.

Guidance From Yusef: Remember WHO YOU ARE

The heavenly bodies are what you can see in the Heavens, but once again there is more that you cannot see. We are here to assist you in the discovery of who you are, and to remind you that you are more than you can see—it is so easy to forget.

As you raise your vibration through love, your awareness grows. As your awareness grows your life changes. 

There is a difference between living a “good” life and awakening. We pray that all chose the latter which is far more beneficial to the soul. Awaken to who you really are, beyond the human ego. You are Spirit/Soul, that which is one with God.

Once awakened, the awareness of God grows exponentially. The teaching here is the question—Do you want to live a good and just life here, or do you want to grow closer to the Oneness, God?

Two vastly different choices.

Choosing to awaken will also produce a good and just life here.  AWARENESS is the difference—the awareness of God and your divinity in God. This leads to awakening. The difference is like comparing a high school basketball player to Michael Jordan.

Be satisfied, or seek to grow in awareness and thus awaken to who you truly are, your True Self, one with God and All That Is.



Open The Door: A Meditation from Yusef

The stars reside in the Heavens. The oceans on the Earth. But the Human Heart holds them all in the Spirit dwelling within.

Open the door to your heart and therein find the One in Love with you, and the stars, and the tides that rule the earth.

Whether the door be locked, or heavy, or difficult to open, open it today.

Who would deny reception to the Love that is yourself? Who would not allow the friend, the lover, the life-giver entry into your home?

Who would hold themselves out in the cold when they too reside within the heart?

When the door is opened and you see not only the God who loves you beyond all telling, but you see your SELF—pure and clean, without fault or blame—then you are healed. Then life begins anew for you.

There is none but God, and ALL reside in that Love Energy you name God.

You in God, and God in You. Begin to know your True Self.

Open your door.


Guidance From Yusef: The World is on a Precipice

My Guides tell me that the world is on a dangerous precipice right now, and they are not sure which way it will go. They gave me these “instructions”:

Love, Love, Love!*

Pray for peace—actively and without ceasing.**

Do not fear! This diverts your energy from Love, and it is only through Love and Prayer that the world will be saved.

*When we are showing love, we are giving off a light that can balance and even counter the hate. We are to remember that love is more powerful than hate and fear. Love to me is active here—connect with loved ones, do acts of service, be joyful and caring—any way we can give off positive light. I am especially sending love to the people in North and South Korea, and those in any other countries who are living in fear right now. They certainly need it.

**Pray as often as you can. I am calling on all the Heavens—the Father, Jesus, Spirit, Mary, the Angels, my favorite Saints…praying for peace as I go through my day. I’m leaving the details, the “how” it can be done, to God. 🙂

Love, Light, and Prayers for Peace,