Guidance From Yusef: Freedom to Choose

Note: Yusef has many words for God, but one that I find myself using lately is “Godness.” To me it indicates the ALL that is God, and it removes the sense of gender so common to us. Universe, Source, Father, The Divine, ALL, Godness. Chose whatever term you are comfortable with as you read. 🙂

And for the first time in a long time Yusef offers us what he refers to as “Knowings.” These are short declarations of truth.


There is a freedom in the “Godness,” as you say, that allows each person to experience what it chooses—to expand and grow based on the choices it makes.

Growing is not an option. All is growth/expansion, or it withers and dies. Thus the direction of growth has a thrust or determination based on the choices made.

We have spoken of choices and their importance. Perhaps it becoming clearer now.


All are a part of ALL. There can be no other.

There is freedom in the ALLNESS [God].

All [God] continues to expand/grow/evolve.

As in all life, the rate of growth is flexible.

Freedom allows choice. Choice is the only way ALL [God] can experience the diversity of expression.

Vibration of the light within each one reflects the choices they have made.

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