Guidance From Yusef: Light and Color (continued)


In the color analogy [with white representing God, or all color, and individual colors representing souls], when the color “blue” choses to merge its beauty with ALL colors, it becomes a part of WHITE (God). It never loses itself however; it remains free to be itself—feely joined with all colors and dancing within the white light of God.

There are other choices—to move toward black and be lost in the darkness is a choice. Lost is an appropriate word since the merging with blackness means being absorbed—the freedom of the color/soul to be itself is lost.

There are some persons who make this choice—little by little they move toward the darkness. (As we have said, one choice leads to the next choice.) 

The choice for a soul to enter the metaphorical darkness causes a shuddering in the Heavens. There is a loss felt that all recognize. This is a tremendous occurrence/event/happening. Abyssmal.

Yet mighty efforts continue to bring light into the darkness. When the light is allowed in, then little by little, the souls may remember themselves. This is a dynamic that requires much that you are unable to find words for or understand now. 

Remain in the Light. Grow in the Light.

2 thoughts on “Guidance From Yusef: Light and Color (continued)

  1. This is a very interesting way to describe our immersion into God as color theory! I totally “get it” with the color analogy.

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