Guidance From Yusef: Law in the Universe

We continue with what we have called the LAW that governs the Heavens and the Earth. 

As you can readily observe, the Earth is in pain—suffering from actions that would TAKE without considering replenishment, and USE freely without considering the ecology of consumption.

The Law of Love—respect, regard, care, honor—has not been followed here. Thus the NATURAL consequences will unfold as a result.

There is yet time to begin the recovery. To begin anew in the care of the Mother who also sustains your human existence. All efforts are worthy.

This is an example of the LAW that governs the Universe. When love, respect, regard, and care abound, there is abundance, joy, peace. Where they do not, there is grief, sadness, and death. The consequences follow the actions. Law.

There is no punitive God on high measuring out punishment or justice. There are only natural consequences for action. 

Actions of love reap peace and joy. Actions of violence reap violence.

LOVE! Become AWARE of each action you take—is it kind, caring, respectful? Take always the “high road.” The highest vibration you can manage. It will return to you 10 fold. It is the LAW.


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