Guidance From Yusef: Law in the Universe

We continue with what we have called the LAW that governs the Heavens and the Earth. 

As you can readily observe, the Earth is in pain—suffering from actions that would TAKE without considering replenishment, and USE freely without considering the ecology of consumption.

The Law of Love—respect, regard, care, honor—has not been followed here. Thus the NATURAL consequences will unfold as a result.

There is yet time to begin the recovery. To begin anew in the care of the Mother who also sustains your human existence. All efforts are worthy.

This is an example of the LAW that governs the Universe. When love, respect, regard, and care abound, there is abundance, joy, peace. Where they do not, there is grief, sadness, and death. The consequences follow the actions. Law.

There is no punitive God on high measuring out punishment or justice. There are only natural consequences for action. 

Actions of love reap peace and joy. Actions of violence reap violence.

LOVE! Become AWARE of each action you take—is it kind, caring, respectful? Take always the “high road.” The highest vibration you can manage. It will return to you 10 fold. It is the LAW.


Guidance From Yusef: On God

And so I asked, “Tell us of God.” This is a long one, and I suspect that it will take careful reading and your prayerful consideration to take it all in. 🙂 With love, Barbara

The letters that you write for the word you express as “God” are just that, letters. They help the human mind find a tag or a concept for that which has no clear (for the human mind) understanding. Thus we attempt to explain the unexplainable.

In order to do this we make assumptions on your human thinking. The reality is beyond your comprehension. Thus our challenge is to ascribe words to that which cannot be defined by words.

Humans require a something, or a someone, called GOD to explain the LOVE that orders the Universe. There “must be” a person or individual force that decrees the order and holds it as LOVE. Many also think that this personification of POWER is, or can be, punitive.

If we tell you, in order for you to make some sense of it in your humanity, that what humans think of as GOD does not exist it would shatter the construct many live by.

Now we must say that you do nothing that can be called “wrong” in your prayer to the Divine/God. Yet we do say that as you have defined it, God is not a “Being.” 

Some terms such as Divine, or Source, or All That Is, or our term, Life-Giver, are accurate as long as you do not personify these terms. God is not a person.

The “Fatherness” of God is the Source of your life. Just as your human fathers provide the necessary factors for your human existence, so does the Force, or Source of Life, sustain your human existence.

The most difficult for you to understand may be that this life force, while LOVE, is yet IMPERSONAL. This is a key—God is impersonal. Thus “God” does not get excited, angry, disappointed, proud, happy, sad, or judgmental. In using these words you make the God Force human—with emotions. The God Force is emotionless. This does not make this Force any less LOVE.

The LOVE FORCE that is “God” is: beneficent, consistent, persistent, unchanging, pervasive, orderly, generous, encouraging, supportive, non-judgmental, energetic (vibrating), and expanding (growing).

It is all “bigger” than the constructs you devise to contain it for your human understanding. 

This is a good start. We bid you good-night.