Guidance From Yusef: You Exist in the Heavens and on the Earth

I think I really need to explain this message a little. 🙂

Each of us on the Earth has a soul that is a part of an ‘oversoul’ that continues to be with God. That is, our soul is just a part of, or we could say an aspect of, the Soul that is in heaven. Your soul is like a reflection of your heavenly self (Soul) that exists as a part of God.

In other words, Yusef says you have a ‘minor’ soul here that is still a part of, or an aspect of, your ‘major’ soul in heaven.

To further complicate your thinking, you also have many ‘minor’ souls experiencing life in the physical right now. Picture your major Soul as a large ship in the ocean (God). Your minor souls, are like small dingys that have left the larger ship to go out and experience something new. Your major Soul has many dingys out right now and yours is just one of them. Your major Soul is experiencing everything your soul on earth is right now. That is how it expands and grows.

I hope that you will ask questions or begin a discussion if this topic interests (or confuses) you.:)


The human mind is insistent in its drive to make sense of the world. This ensures survival. However, in this discourse, the need to understand is not beneficial. 

You are aware that it will serve you to remember WHO YOU ARE and to BE in the awareness as much and as often as you are able. 

Now we tell you that you reside with us as much as you reside on the earth. You are with us in ‘Heaven’ now as you have always been.

There is an aspect of You that is currently in a human existence, but that does not diminish the You that is here, or the aspects of you living other lifetimes at this same moment.

Thus your Oversoul or Major Soul as we have said, does exist as a part of God always. You are an aspect of that Major Soul that is participating in the Oneness [God] fully.

Enjoy your life on the earth—it was chosen by you and for you. But do not lose sight that you are much more than the personality you have chosen for this lifetime.

You have chosen a role to play. It is not WHO YOU ARE. It is a role. Enjoy it; learn from its experiences, and grow in love through it.

You are a part of the Most High God. Believe this truth and you will awaken. In that awakening your soul will dance and the earth and heavens will sing.

7 thoughts on “Guidance From Yusef: You Exist in the Heavens and on the Earth

    • It helps to remember what Yusef says. This one cannot be fully understood with our human minds. But let it speak to your heart and to your memory and it may become a little more clear. It’s like the ‘magic pictures’ where you have to ‘see’ the picture that is hidden within the picture.

  1. This sums our existence up very well. With God being the culmination of all souls, it makes sense that our main soul remains in Heaven as part of God and our minor soul should travel to experience life outside of heaven to “grow” our main soul. For in heaven, there is only love and you need some resistance to grow. You can’t gain muscle without working out and you can’t grow your soul without challenges. Heaven does not have challenges…that’s why we get to go elsewhere to grow!

    • I think Yusef really hit us with a double challenge with this one–first the major and minor soul, and then the reality that there is no time and we are living all of our existences simultaneously. That really sends the human mind reeling! Nice comment, Robert!

  2. How refreshing and comforting to know this! It is as if we are here to “test out” this personality in our time on earth. So when I get frustrated or disappointed when I act or say something I wish I hadn’t, I guess it is me testing it out and learning from it. But it certainly doesn’t mean I am less loved or a lesser person than I ever was before I acted or verbalized something that I probably shouldn’t have. Hmm…very interesting.

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