Guidance From Yusef: Remember WHO YOU ARE

The heavenly bodies are what you can see in the Heavens, but once again there is more that you cannot see. We are here to assist you in the discovery of who you are, and to remind you that you are more than you can see—it is so easy to forget.

As you raise your vibration through love, your awareness grows. As your awareness grows your life changes. 

There is a difference between living a “good” life and awakening. We pray that all chose the latter which is far more beneficial to the soul. Awaken to who you really are, beyond the human ego. You are Spirit/Soul, that which is one with God.

Once awakened, the awareness of God grows exponentially. The teaching here is the question—Do you want to live a good and just life here, or do you want to grow closer to the Oneness, God?

Two vastly different choices.

Choosing to awaken will also produce a good and just life here.  AWARENESS is the difference—the awareness of God and your divinity in God. This leads to awakening. The difference is like comparing a high school basketball player to Michael Jordan.

Be satisfied, or seek to grow in awareness and thus awaken to who you truly are, your True Self, one with God and All That Is.



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