Open The Door: A Meditation from Yusef

The stars reside in the Heavens. The oceans on the Earth. But the Human Heart holds them all in the Spirit dwelling within.

Open the door to your heart and therein find the One in Love with you, and the stars, and the tides that rule the earth.

Whether the door be locked, or heavy, or difficult to open, open it today.

Who would deny reception to the Love that is yourself? Who would not allow the friend, the lover, the life-giver entry into your home?

Who would hold themselves out in the cold when they too reside within the heart?

When the door is opened and you see not only the God who loves you beyond all telling, but you see your SELF—pure and clean, without fault or blame—then you are healed. Then life begins anew for you.

There is none but God, and ALL reside in that Love Energy you name God.

You in God, and God in You. Begin to know your True Self.

Open your door.