Guidance From Yusef: The World is on a Precipice

My Guides tell me that the world is on a dangerous precipice right now, and they are not sure which way it will go. They gave me these “instructions”:

Love, Love, Love!*

Pray for peace—actively and without ceasing.**

Do not fear! This diverts your energy from Love, and it is only through Love and Prayer that the world will be saved.

*When we are showing love, we are giving off a light that can balance and even counter the hate. We are to remember that love is more powerful than hate and fear. Love to me is active here—connect with loved ones, do acts of service, be joyful and caring—any way we can give off positive light. I am especially sending love to the people in North and South Korea, and those in any other countries who are living in fear right now. They certainly need it.

**Pray as often as you can. I am calling on all the Heavens—the Father, Jesus, Spirit, Mary, the Angels, my favorite Saints…praying for peace as I go through my day. I’m leaving the details, the “how” it can be done, to God. 🙂

Love, Light, and Prayers for Peace,


Guidance From Yusef: Your Cells Carry God Energy


It has been said that your bodies are “temples” for God [Holy Spirit]. We tell you now what has not yet been revealed. Your bodies are indeed temples, and more than you know, they are HOLY. For Life-Giver [God] resides in each cell as vibrating life.

The energy vibrating as YOU is a microcosm of the God-Energy. 

Thus the question: What to do with the body when the Soul has left?

Many times have you left a body and many times has your body been disposed of according to the culture and religion of the time. IT DOES NOT MATTER how your body is disposed. The energy that gave it life, separate from the Soul, is never lost. The Light [energy] of each one returns to the earth and to the air blessing it as each lived. 

Begin to use the power of Life-Giver within you now to bring more love to the world. The Light you carry in your cells has the potential to change the world. It will impact, with or without your conscious effort.

As the flowers that grow bless all with their beauty, so do you bless those in your surround.