Guidance From Yusef: Out of Wholeness

Barbara: This is the beginning of a longer message which I will post in the coming days. Bite sized pieces to be pondered….

YUSEF: There are some who can hear us, as the one who writes this. There are others who see us. These have no extraordinary “powers.” The have merely opened to allow God’s presence, in whatever way God has chosen to be present. Seeing or hearing is not going beyond the human. In your humanness you continue to be the YOU who sees and hears.

They have not “crossed over” to the Heavens. The Heavens are present to all now! You are on the Earth, and yet also still a part of the Heavens. There is more to YOU than you can realize from the limited human perspective. Discover that YOU ARE—in the fullness of human and Soul divinity. Nothing is separate. It is wholeness.

Out of wholeness you projected a body which continues to be a part of, while yet a projection, the whole. There is no separation. 

To be continued….


One thought on “Guidance From Yusef: Out of Wholeness

  1. So I’m not just “seeing things” out of the corner of my eye–more and more often? Not a clear look, but I’m sure there is someone there–and then they are gone!

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