Guidance From Yusef: We KNOW You


The scenarios you devise to frame the lives you are living allow for the perfect circumstances for your Soul’s purpose to be accomplished. This is one factor. Likewise, the personality you wear is perfect for your purpose.

What you have chosen to do, or work through, or learn, can only be done for your Soul in the life and personality you have chosen.

Remember you are not alone. So many think they are alone. If they could only realize how the Heavens are intimately connected.

We KNOW you. We UNDERSTAND you. We HEAR you. We LOVE you. And we are here to assist you in what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime.

One thought on “Guidance From Yusef: We KNOW You

  1. That’s a message I needed to hear–except I’m still wondering what my mission in life is???? Guess they can help me with that too!

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