Guidance From Yusef: Listen to Your Soul

There are many who desire to know more, to become more aware. They begin to hear their soul’s urgings. They find ways to learn, to grow, assisted by those of us who guide them.

Yet there are others—those who have not paid attention to the soul’s urgings—those who have yet to hear their soul speaking to them, or to see the light we are shining on the path for their lives.

Those who have not become aware of the soul’s urging may face events that cause them to pay attention. That cause them to question their assumptions about the way they have been living their daily lives. [An illness, or life changing event, for instance].

They always have a choice to either dismiss the urgings, the lessons, the nudges, OR to begin to open to a new way.

When one does become aware they can see differently. They hear as never before, and they are open to guidance from the heavens.

As you can see, we CONTROL nothing. We are always with you—guiding—yet each must open to the awareness regarding the present path to determine if it is  helpful to their purpose on the Earth.

We rejoice in awareness of the soul’s urgings, and eagerly assist to the limit each one allows. 

Yusef, Guide and Teacher

Guidance From Yusef: Wholeness

YUSEF: The dance, the song that is both human and divine has been danced and sung by few. Jesus was/is one.

Recognize that your divine nature and human nature are one nature. This may be difficult to understand with the human mind, but remember that you have access to the Divine mind.

Learn to access this. It is YOU in your fullness—human and divine. There is no secret, no skill to learn, no “password.” It is simply WHO YOU ARE in the fullness and wholeness of YOU.

The one writing this acknowledges the presence of OTHER. It is recognized as part of her and allowed to be present.

Each must find their own way to “allow” the presence of the divine, of whom they also are, while in the human nature.

The “difficulty” is only a human thought. There is no difficulty—there is only ease in allowing WHO YOU ARE to be present while in your human state.

Guidance From Yusef: Out of Wholeness

Barbara: This is the beginning of a longer message which I will post in the coming days. Bite sized pieces to be pondered….

YUSEF: There are some who can hear us, as the one who writes this. There are others who see us. These have no extraordinary “powers.” The have merely opened to allow God’s presence, in whatever way God has chosen to be present. Seeing or hearing is not going beyond the human. In your humanness you continue to be the YOU who sees and hears.

They have not “crossed over” to the Heavens. The Heavens are present to all now! You are on the Earth, and yet also still a part of the Heavens. There is more to YOU than you can realize from the limited human perspective. Discover that YOU ARE—in the fullness of human and Soul divinity. Nothing is separate. It is wholeness.

Out of wholeness you projected a body which continues to be a part of, while yet a projection, the whole. There is no separation. 

To be continued….


Guidance From Yusef: We KNOW You


The scenarios you devise to frame the lives you are living allow for the perfect circumstances for your Soul’s purpose to be accomplished. This is one factor. Likewise, the personality you wear is perfect for your purpose.

What you have chosen to do, or work through, or learn, can only be done for your Soul in the life and personality you have chosen.

Remember you are not alone. So many think they are alone. If they could only realize how the Heavens are intimately connected.

We KNOW you. We UNDERSTAND you. We HEAR you. We LOVE you. And we are here to assist you in what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime.