Guidance From Yusef: Perception Can Be Tricky

We are cautioned about our perceptions today. The current meme is “What we perceive, we believe.” Well, that’s a bit scary since our perceptions are not necessarily based on reality. And we so easily believe what our perceptions tell us.

For example, when we watch news footage of acts of terror in another country our emotions may cause us to perceive that WE are in imminent danger also. The response is fear for our own safety. That perception—that we are in danger—may then influence all of our emotions and actions and predictably cause us (unnecessary) stress. I like the quote from Michel De Montaigne who lived in the 16th century and said, “My life has been filled with terrible misfortune; most of which never happened.” Today we are told that 80-85% of what we fear never happens. Good to remember.

Or we may make judgments about a person based on incorrect perceptions from our senses (what we see or hear) that seem real, but those perceptions later prove to be wrong.

The heavens are telling us to be cautious and to question our perceptions, judgments, and  beliefs. Are they real? Or are they generated from fear? Fear that may or may not be realized.

YUSEF: Become aware of your perceptions. Perceptions are based on information/data [that is] collected over time through [your] experience. That experience is filtered through a belief system that has its own vision and tradition. It is not reality.

Therefore, judge nothing. Question everything. Do not attach to, or identify with the ideas of the world. These will mislead [you].

Go calmly instead, trusting the guidance of the Angels and Spirits. What you cannot perceive through the senses often has more validity than the senses. Trust these [senses] not; all information coming in from the senses is filtered through the biases [you were] taught [from a young age]. Do not succumb to fear. Do not judge. Trust.