Guidance From Yusef: Awaken!

The Heavens are encouraging each of us to AWAKEN!

To “awaken” means to wake-up to a new way of living and loving. It means to realize that we are here on this earth to learn, to teach, and to BE love. To awaken means:

  • To see life differently—with faith and trust, and without fear.
  • To realize we are more than we think we are—we are of God in Spirit/Soul.
  • To love the difficult to love.
  • To find joy in the midst of sadness; peace in the midst of chaos.
  • To hope when it seems hopeless.
  • To forgive the impossible to forgive.
  • To accept each person and each situation without judgment.


Awakening is for ALL. Once awakened others [friends, family] will note a change [in you]. Do not hide. Do not retreat into the old ways. 

Share. Tell of the joy and wonder of Love. Shine forth in love, forgiveness, and acceptance of all. Remain in peace, even in the midst of turmoil and chaos. 

Those awakened have a responsibility to share—each in their own way. There is no option to this. Accept and pass on love and joy. These will be seen by others.

Continue to HOPE. And remember the Helpers (both in the Heavens and on the Earth) that are available to assist you. Look beyond what human eyes tell. See the Helpers. Let them support, console, and remind you of who you are. You are LOVE and LIGHT. 

Follow the guidance you are given from Angels and Heavenly Guides. Find Love and Peace in all—the peace that is not of Earth—the Peace of sure faith and trust in Love.

Some may find it difficult to take their gaze from the busy-ness of the world to be able to see, hear, and follow the direction of the Helpers [of God].

The choice to LISTEN [to God] and SEE [the way] will be a choice that the world may not support, yet is the world dependent upon!! Look to those already awakened, shining with Love’s Light. Their light will show the way.

Come together. Through the coming together life, love, and truth are revealed. Thus is born the awakening.