Guidance From Yusef: Messages From the Heavens

Barbara: Yusef speaks today of receiving messages from the Heavens—from your Guides, the Angels, the Holy Spirit, or any message coming from those of God. These messages are coming from Beings whose vibration is very high, and so it is important that we try to raise our vibration to a high frequency so that we can “hear” them. That means getting out of our thinking mind in prayer, or love, appreciation, joy, gratitude, etc.

We vibrate higher when we are praying or meditating, or when we are in a state of love, gratitude, or bliss. For example, when we pause to deeply enjoy a sunset, or feel the overwhelming emotion of new life, or when we express deep gratitude or thanks; all of these, and the many other times we consciously pause from our daily thoughts, raise the frequency of our vibration.


“Messages” are pouring forth from the Heavens—from Angels, Guides, and other Helpers of the One [God].

The messages that arise into conscious thought are sometimes rejected as “crazy,” or “made up.” Others are thought to be interesting but are soon let go. Others, for those ready to acknowledge this, are seen as a great Ah ha! When a person is open to the reality occurring in the communication between Heaven and Earth there is a rejoicing in the Heavens.

Now this process is dependent solely upon the frequency of the vibration of the human in its ability to be both received and perceived. This does not stop the Heavens from continuous attempts to communicate. That is a constant.

Messages download, as you say, into the human consciousness. They are truths resonating to the frequency of the receiver. When you begin to “hear” the messages spoken to you they may even seem natural. This is because your True Self/Soul, already knows these truths and recognizes them.  In this way the Heavens speak to each one.

The higher your vibrational resonance, the greater the likelihood that the message is received and the greater the possibility that it is heard. We rejoice in the hearing.



Guidance From Yusef: You Are Limitless Love and Joy


True reality is beyond your human understanding. Give up the “imaginings” of your limited human mind regarding the afterlife. The now moment as you say, is the only moment. The pictures you create regarding the next life are only that—your finite creation.

Know only this. Raise the frequency of your vibration to love, joy, compassion, and acceptance, and all will be well.

Come to know yourself as love only—capable only of love. Let go of all else. “Be still and know God” within as your true self. You are limitless love and joy, subject to no true limits.

The separate human self of course does face the limits imposed by the thinking that you are separate. Look to Jesus who lived a human existence, yet at no time was separated from the Father.

Guidance From Yusef: Awareness

I have found AWARENESS to be very important for deeper union with God. It could be defined as consciousness, insight, or being awake to the Spirit. Yusef has spoken of it in other messages, but lately there seems to be a light shining on it. It is a key to living a spiritual life. A key to being able to see God in our lives. And also a key to seeing how we are often distracted from God in our humanity and the busy-ness of our lives,

I am currently writing on Awareness with Yusef by my side, so I suspect there will be more for us. Yusef is a good teacher. This is from him. Read and listen with your heart. Love, Barbara


Awareness is seeing the vastness of God. It is being AWAKE in your human nature. It is recognizing that you are in the PRESENCE of the Divine. It is transcending the pull of your human nature to be able to ‘lift off’ into the true reality. It is seeing with the joy of clarity.

Awe and delight live in awareness. It is the freedom and the fullness that is recognition of your Oneness with the Divine. It is your UNLIMITED SELF SEEING ITSELF IN GOD.

Do not let the trials and concerns of life influence your awareness. It is in awareness WE are. Awareness is beyond ego.

The Heavens open for you in Awareness. You are then able to love yourself in the human and also delight in your divinity. 

Dance in Awareness.