Guidance From Yusef: Take a Stand

This is a strong message from the Heavens, received this week. We are called to look at our beliefs and what we stand for in our heart and soul. Further, we are asked to begin to see more clearly, through that soul-lens, what is happening in the world. We can no longer be complacent.


You are observing the changes we have predicted.** There are many in the Heavens working to call all peoples to stand for their beliefs. Do you know what you believe? What you would take action or no action for? (There is no judgment here.)

Some will take action and be heard and seen. That is their role. Some will stand firmly supportive for what they believe, but in the background. And some will wonder what is happening—swaying in whatever wind happens by. 

There is the way of love and there is the way of evil. Both are active now on the Earth—both vying for time, attention, and hearts. Learn to recognize that which seeks to divide or unite, to sow love or hate. We do not speak of one person or one way. Learn to see.

For those who chose to act, this will be done in many ways. Each will look different. Each one doing what they are called to do. Make no judgments regarding this. All must follow the guidance of the Higher Self.

And this is most important:  In whatever you chose to do—from private prayer to public action—it will impact ONLY if you are following the guidance of the Heavens, not the guidance of the human ego. The ego will lead you in a direction that will NOT benefit—the way of anger, hate, righteousness, and division. This is a law and cannot be changed.

Follow the path of your Soul, Spirit, Heart, Higher Self, God. This path will benefit you and all. This is the path of love and peace. The Angels will guide you.

**”The Coming Times—Maintain Hope” and other posts in Oct-Nov 2013.

Guidance From Yusef: Grandeur of the Divine

Barbara: Today you we get another glimpse of the grandeur of the Divine–God, Yahweh, Source. It might be helpful as you read to remember the idea of the “frequency of vibration”.

  • High frequency=Love, Joy, Compassion, Acceptance, etc.
  • Low frequency=Blame, Shame, Anger, Guilt, Fear, etc.

It is also helpful today for each of us to try to live in the higher frequencies in order to bring more LIGHT and HOPE to a world whose Light is dimming.


The cosmos/universe/heavens are far beyond your present understanding. In fact, the grandeur is also beyond our full understanding. We “know” of it only in knowing, not in experience as you say. Those who are in the full experience of the Godhead (for want of a better word), are so beyond in LIGHT ENERGY that it would not be possible to move from that Light to be present at a lower frequency. In that existence there is such a great ONENESS that “individuals” no longer exist.

From that Oneness flows the energy (you may call it Love) to sustain all the life in all the Universes. This unimaginable Oneness, or Source, calls to each of us to join it. It is the “Father,” as you say.

In the Heavens (all of) you find the place which matches your vibrational frequency, or the LIGHT your Soul can tolerate. There are indeed “many rooms,” as you say.

The potential exists for both high and low frequency vibration. It is always life’s choice. You are JOY at the depths of your being. Access it and bless your world and all the Heavens.