Guidance From Yusef: A Dangerous Time

Greetings to all. This message has a tone that feels serious and important to me. I share it with you now because you, the readers of this blog, are awake. But it is becoming more difficult for you and me to stay focused on love and light as the world darkens.

We are only asked to do what we do—love those around us, care for those who need us, stay positive in our word and action, pray or meditate or do whatever it is you do to connect with the Divine, and continue to bring Light into this darkening world.

YUSEF: Humans have begun to have their attention and awareness clouded. There is so much negativity on the Earth that it is consuming time, attention, and energy. It is easy to distract.

The messages coming from this negativity take so much energy that there is not enough energy left to focus in a more positive direction. These are signs. Signs to cause great concern.

Many are being lulled to sleep now. They are losing the ability to see the way clearly. Hypnotized by evil. It comes in a way that is difficult to see as such. 

AWAKEN!! Look to those pointing in another direction. Pray, meditate, keep your focus on care for others, compassion, love, joy, and hope. These will bring your energy and vibration back to the Light. This will help you and the world to see more clearly. Remain in the Light!

This is a dangerous time. Be cautious. Evil is having its day. Continue to be mindful of what comes through your gate. Raise your antennae, as you say, to be able to discern good from evil. Your focus must remain on Love.

The Angels and all the Heavens are here to assist.