Guidance From Yusef: A Winnowing Time

The Heavens tell us that this is a very important time. That each of us has come to the Earth at this time to be a part of all that is occurring now. We are not here by chance.

The difficulties you are experiencing in the world will indeed worsen in your lifetime. It is a WINNOWING time. You have all come for the opportunities available to your Souls now. Some come to purify in the fires of violence. Some to assist. Some to become more aware. And for many other reasons known only to each Soul. Pray that all chose the way of Love. Some will not find their way through the difficulties.

This time and opportunity to chose Love is a rare gift offered to each person. When confronted with the choice to be afraid or to Love, chose Love. Love the oppressor as well as the oppressed. Each loving response benefits all.

Those who have chosen violence over Love have the opportunity now to make another choice. Pray for them. They are here for this opportunity. Each has chosen this lifetime for exactly the choices they have now.

The Heavens weep and cry with humankind. Weep and cry for so many lost opportunities–that many cannot yet SEE THE WAY.

Those who turn to Love, who remember that they ARE Love, have all the Heavens with them. If you could only see and realize the help pouring from the Heavens–the MANY eager to assist in this critical time–you would be awed!

We are here. Call upon us.



Guidance From Yusef: Seeing What IS

Moving from the frequency of FEAR–Suggestion #2

See what IS, as it is–without the judgments of

  • right and wrong,
  • good and bad,
  • appropriate and inappropriate,
  • scary and safe,…all those filters we were given at an early age.

It is common to go about each day doing what we have been taught–looking, evaluating, labeling, and judging rather than simply seeing.

Science teaches that for every act of measurement (or judgment) of a thing, FAR more of the thing is lost than captured.

As we make–quite unconsciously–judgment after judgment, apply label after label, measuring all through the filters of our long held bias and prejudice, we are in essence squinting our eyes to see only that which sifts through the filters.

How much is lost in the squinting, the filtering, the labeling, the judging?

To be able to SEE WHAT IS requires, at first, a disciplined training to LET GO of the judging. To shut down the filters. To retrain the mind to allow only the EXPERIENCE of the thing without the judging of it. To become vulnerable in the naked seeing of what IS, without fear, without the thinking that we thought was helping us to see rightly.

And then a stark realization–

IT ALL IS AS IT IS. And there is absolutely nothing we can do about WHAT IS. It just IS. We cannot change it–it IS. We cannot manipulate it–it IS. There is no need to FEAR it–only to accept that it IS. That SEEING allows us to chose actions that come from a much higher frequency.

The freedom of that SEEING opens the floodgates…

  • To action when necessary, but also,
  • to appreciation
  • to beauty
  • to simplicity
  • to child like observations
  • to compassion
  • to experiencing
  • to bliss…
  • to God.

Guidance From Yusef: Love is still in charge

Today I long for SILENCE–a respite from the noise of the world.

But I can’t stop writing. I can’t stop recognizing the JOY of being human.

Interesting in a week when joy seems to be lost somehow. Yet I know in the depth of me, that “All shall be well. All shall be well. All manner of thing shall be well.” (Julian of Norwich)

I also know that we may go through hell to get there.

But God’s ways are not our ways. And the un-knowing of God’s ways gives me great comfort.

It tells me that though there be hellish, inhumane violence in the world, that LOVE is still in charge.

Allowing us to act like fools–treating each other as if we were not the other also.

The Heavens wince.

Guidance From Yusef: Growing in the Frequency of Love

If fear is a block to God’s love as Yusef says, how do we move from the frequency of fear (see previous post) to a frequency of love—something more energetically friendly to ourselves and the world?

Obviously this isn’t the easiest thing to do. We were programmed at an early age to fear many things. Being wary, or fearful, is part of the human condition and some of those fears keep us safe.

That said, Jesus told his friends not to be afraid, not to fear. To move from the frequency of fear to Jesus’s frequency of love and compassion, requires a different focus. In the next few posts we’ll look at some helpful suggestions to be able do this.

Suggestion #1: ACCEPT rather than RESIST what life brings your way.

There are no coincidences in life. When something happens in our life we can trust that it is God nudging us to grow, or to change, or to let go of something. But because we are human it’s natural to respond by saying, “not right now,” or “poor me,” or “why me?” or “I can’t do this anymore.” We have a tendency to resist what life brings us.

Life isn’t easy—it makes demands on us. That’s a fact and there are no exceptions to this. Each of us will face our share of challenges in this life.

Yusef calls this the EARTH SCHOOL, a place we have come to learn, and grow in love—a “fertile ground for growth.”

And so God provides us with “opportunities” to grow in love and trust.

The illness, the accident, the lost job, the disability, the death of a loved one, the rejection, the lonliness,—all the things I irreverently refer to as the “2 X 4’s” of life. These are all opportunities offered for our growth—we just can’t see the blessings in them right away. It’s usually not until we have moved through the difficult times that we are able to see that there was some good in it for us or for others.

I’m sure you know many stories of those who have gone through difficult times that ultimately blessed them and/or others.

Accepting what life brings allows us to ‘hold God’s hand’ through it. To be able to call upon all the heavenly help and love that God provides us. As Wayne Dyer says, “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

ACCEPTING rather than RESISTING—the people, the circumstances, and the situations in our life—allows us to see more clearly what God is asking of us and to trust in our Divine Father’s generous and unfailing Love to get through whatever comes. Jesus, as always, is our model for that.