Guidance From Yusef: The Biology of Fear

Fear—it’s a big concern for Yusef and the Guides.

It’s so easy to say the word—it just slips off the tongue because we’re so used to saying it and feeling it. But it might surprise you to realize that when you think, or say, “I’m so afraid of terrorists and terrorism,” for example, you are giving that fear your precious energy.

What?? Well, look at this this way. We are energetic beings. Energy is what we are. In fact, that’s all we are. We are made up of dancing, vibrating molecules of energy—right down to the tiniest particles within our cells.

So when we say, and believe (that’s important), that we are “so afraid,” the cells in our bodies hear that and respond, sending out all kinds of information and direction (chemical and energetic) to the body—AND out into the world and the Universe!!

Let’s look at that:

The Body: I’m afraid! Something is going to hurt me! Get ready! Get the cortisol flowing. Ready the defenses. It’s fight or flight time!! Fear is insidious, infecting and affecting the entire being. Yusef

And Beyond the Body: Send out the alarm! Tell all around me I’m afraid! Then the energy surrounding my body, coming from all the cells within me, BROADCASTS that fear out beyond me. And as more and more of us resonate with that fear frequency it becomes stronger!!  …there is an energy that comes from the increasing fear in the world. 

That fearful energy field—yes, it is a field, or force—becomes much stronger as it joins with others who are broadcasting energetically that same fear. And that’s what Yusef is referring to when he says, The Universe shares in your physical experiences. The Earth’s emanations reveal a negative percolating.

It is sound science. Can’t you just feel the fear of terrorism in this country—a fear fueled by each other and the media? (There is actually a greater chance of being hurt or killed in a car than by a terrorist.) I’m not negating the need for vigilance, or even preparation—there is indeed a crazy group of folks out there! But vigilance is different from a consuming fear of something that may or may not happen.

The energy of fear—whether it is of terrorism, or the security of our banks, or the outcome of the Presidential election, or the security of your job, or your child’s welfare, or a scary diagnosis—is quite powerful. You may not realize how powerful.

This is a tough one to think about, much less change, or even make a dent in. Awareness of the power of fear is a start. We’ll explore more on this, but please realize that Fear is a block to God’s love. 

It is not necessary to “take up arms” or “do battle” against this force (fear). It is only necessary to turn to Love and Joy. In this Light the darkness has no power. Yusef

Guidance From Yusef: The Times Have Come

Greetings and Blessings to All,

I am being led now to write of how I and others are attempting to LIVE the guidance Yusef and the Heavens have been offering us for several years now. I think it’s “rubber meets the road” time, or “walk the talk” time. There will be messages from Yusef within, of course.

It’s been inspiring to read the messages that have been received, but we are each called to take action— to become the light we have read about.

It was a toss up this morning for me. The world is in tremendous turmoil with 5 million Syrians having fled their country and another 6.6 million displaced within Syria, not to mention the refugees from other Middle Eastern countries seeking refuge…with England now leaving the EU…with the events that have occurred during this presidential campaign…the mass shootings, etc. etc.…do we begin with the end or with the journey?

I will let you begin first with the end. I encourage you to read The Coming Times messages on this blog. Just put “The Coming Times” in the Search box at and you will get several articles to browse. Or if you own the book God Sent: Messages of Love and Hope for Our World Today, you can read Chapters 19 and 20.

I leave you with that suggestion (assignment) today. And in the days to come we’ll begin to look at what it really means to live out Yusef’s guidance and truly BE LIGHT for the world in these “trying times.”

Love and Blessings, Barbara