Guidance From Yusef: Transformation and Transcendence


Transformation and transcendence are concepts that deserve attention.

In transcendence the human nature is transformed from simple ego-self to shining Light-self, allowing the Soul to be present through the Human body. Then actions taken are the Soul present to the world. 

Jesus exemplified this. Look closely at the life and actions of Jesus to see only Spirit/Soul, and thus God, present to the Earth. Thus did Jesus show the Way.

The ‘how’ of transcendence is not complicated. Live from your Higher Self, becoming more and more AWARE of that which does not resonate with this vibrational frequency.

When actions are taken from a lower vibration, transcend these–let go of the motivations thus causing these responses.

As each motivation is transformed or let go, then increasingly your life becomes a Light in the world.

Be aware. Let go. Transform. Transcend. Shine forth.

And then do the Heavens ‘prepare a place’ for your Spirit/Soul, transformed by the growth opportunities and life lived on the Earth, having transcended the lower vibrations to become the higher frequency of Light and Love.

And thus is the Earth and all the Heavens blessed and made whole.

Guidance From Yusef: Vibration and Frequency

In a few paragraphs Yusef tells us of the importance of growing in Love and thus increasing our vibrational frequency. (Love, Acceptance, Compassion, Caring, Joy, etc. have very high frequencies). He also tells us that our Soul’s frequency determines ‘where’ we go when we leave the Earth. The ‘where’ can be called Heaven, or whatever term you are comfortable using.

It may seem confusing but you might think of what some tell the children–that each act of Love is building your Mansion in heaven. :)) That is an over-simplification, but there are similarities.


There is much to share. We tell of Earth and the challenges of living the Human life, and we tell of the boundless wonders of the Highest Heavens. Now we speak of the “between” as you say. The places between Earth and the Highest Heavens.

The ‘where’ that we speak of is dependent on the vibration of the Spirit/Soul. There are many ‘places’ in the Heavens. Some would seem like ‘Heaven’ and some ‘Hell’, as you say, depending on the Soul’s frequency.

Now, when a soul incarnates it is already vibrating at a frequency attained from previous growth in the Heavens and previous lifetimes on the Earth. Thus the lifetime chosen is already influenced by that vibration and the Life Plan has been constructed considering the Soul’s vibrational frequency.

When the Soul migrates from Earth it will return to its vibrational match in the Heavens. The Soul will recognize Home, yet it will have also changed/grown from the lifetime. 

It is important to grow in Love in this lifetime and thus increase the frequency of the Soul’s vibration while on the Earth plane. We are here to assist.

Guidance From Yusef: We have Control

Yusuf speaks today of the power we have over our own lives. It is the conscious choices that we make each day that determine the direction of our lives.

But it is so easy to lose sight of that power and give over our choices and control to others, or to fear, or to the rules that others impose on us. It can be as simple as recognizing that in every moment of the day we are given the choice in how we respond–to the wonderful things, as well as the difficult things. And it’s in our choices and our responses that our life unfolds.

Do we choose to find fault, to blame, to follow rules that no longer apply, or to fear differences, for example? Or do we choose to accept what life brings and see all as opportunity from God to accomplish the purpose for which we came–to become our best selves?


All the small things that consume your mind–the worries, the concerns, the plans–are distractions.

You have total control over your daily life, and I say YOUR life because it is the only one you can affect. At the same time most have abdicated that control to others or to the rules of family, society, culture or religion that you have chosen to follow. You have replaced control over your life with distractions and fears that often control you.

Become more aware that you do have control. It has always been yours to make the choices that direct your life. You need not hand over this control to others in your life, or the rules you follow, or the ego’s distractions.

You are capable of each movement, each choice in your life. You carry your purpose and truth within you. Your Spirit/Soul can see the way clearly.

It is the integration of your Spirit/Soul with the essence of your physical human nature, that assures control of your life on the Earth.

We are with you.