Guidance From Yusef: On Mercy

Pope Francis has declared this year to be a Holy Year of Mercy. And so I asked the Heavens about Mercy. Here is the response from two different dictations that I have merged. I received one on 11/30/2015 and the second on 1/11/2016.

Mercy is the face of God. God’s name is Mercy. Mercy is Love flowing freely without judgment or condition. It is the pervasive action that is contained within Love. It is greater than acceptance, yet that is a part. It is greater than forgiveness, yet that is a part.
Mercy IS Love. You call it Mercy because you require/need the aspects of both acceptance AND forgiveness as Humans. Thus Love becomes what each one needs to generate the Love response in the relationship between man and God.
Thinking of God as separate-from brings forth the sense of “bestowal” or giving of Mercy. This is upside down. Mercy is the flow of Love where previously Love had been blocked. Mercy is not bestowed; it is received.
Mercy is the result of/outflow of Love. It is within Love—naturally, effortlessly. An aspect or color within the rainbow of Love. Or a chord within the music of Love which when heard gives the hearer the sense, the tone that it needed to hear.
Mercy is termed Mercy by the receiver, not the giver.  Mercy alleviates a fear, reconnects a disconnected relationship, soothes the sorrowing, slips in through the spaces between the barriers erected. The feeling of mercy is actually the removal of the barrier that prevents the flow of Love.
Think of the feelings associated with Mercy—a sense of relief, of expunged guilt. A wiping away. A generosity of forgiveness or absolution. These you recognize as human terms and human feelings.
When you are merciful toward one another you give of yourself—freely, accepting of another, loving them fully and without condition.
The Giver can know no distinction or terminology. The Giver knows only Love with all the
…threads in it’s fabric,
…notes in it’s song,
…hues in it’s color.
Love is the fabric and song and color of the Universal Divine God.