Guidance From Yusef: Love Counters the Darkness

I have been so terribly SAD because of the actions of the terrorists in the world these days—just sad to the core. I can also feel the fear of my neighbors and friends. Yusef has said that the Earth is “darkening” but he tells us we must continue to love. This I know—love and fear cannot co-exist in the same moment. And it takes great courage to TRUST and have faith in a loving Divine presence with the reality of the violence in the world right now. But it is time for each of us to access that place of faith and trust and send out Love and Light to all those suffering on the Earth.


We tell you now that the difficulties are worsening. The darkness of fear covers the Earth. Not just the fear that you are aware of—from those being threatened and killed by others—but also the fear of those fleeing their homeland and many others. 

You would like answers and direction for your actions. LOVE—where you are and the best you can. In that loving your Light will shine out. Do nothing to dim your Light. This is most important.

Take action if action calls you. But if the only action you can take is prayer, realize that this is a great gift—perhaps the most healing for the world. Let your prayer go out to all the suffering in the world, both the “terrorist” and those suffering at the hand of the terrorist. Especially offer prayer for those governing. They are in great need of such now.

Love. In every instance. Look for the opportunities in all you do, in each moment of your life. Send/offer each one love. Let love guide your thoughts, words, and actions. You do not realize its power.

We are with you.


Guidance From Yusef: Stepping Stones

(From June 2015) YUSEF:

In the world the distractions are many. This is purposeful—chosen by you so that you can find the “narrow” way through the obstacle-like course of this life.

There are the temptations, each specific to each one [person]. These come to all and are opportunities for growth. There is no one that escapes their own temptations. Though difficult, these are almost the stepping stones to glory/evolvement/soul growth.

The path in general must be discovered but when the way is shown, those ready may find it a help in their journeying.

Thus some of the steps are these:

  • Recognition of SELF beyond the self of the Earth
  • Awareness that things of the Earth, while valuable in the physical, do not matter
  • Awareness of the ego
  • An understanding of the connectedness and value of ALL beings
  • An aliveness, a sense of being awakened from a sleep—a new understanding that is difficult to articulate. It is beyond words.
  • Cessation of judgment
  • Desire to serve

These are some of the many signs on the path through this lifetime that will indicate movement forward.