Guidance From Yusef: Attachment to Things


Render all that you have and all that you are to God. Thus when acknowledging that all you are and all you have belongs to ALL (God) you are ‘thinking’ from your Soul.

Possession, or ownership, is an artificial construct coming from a human need to control. It is out of FEAR that you gather—some to extremes [hoarding]. 

Be ready to let EVERYTHING go—to let all THINGS be as nothing. When you are ATTACHED to nothing then you can HAVE it all, yet own it not.

When the human nature begins to take ownership—this is MINE, therefore it cannot be YOURS—barriers are constructed between people. These barriers seem very real but they are not real. Nothing can be actually “owned.” It is an impossibility. 

But it seems real.

You live in the world of THINGS, made of matter that can be physically perceived through the senses. In actuality that matter holds together quite tenuously and can disassemble or rearrange in a nano second, as you say. (I am reminded here of those who have lost everything in fire or flooding or earthquake or other natural disasters.)

The lesson is clear. Enjoy all things. Appreciate all things. Attach to no things. Retain what you need for the life you are living, for what enriches your Soul and the lives of others. You will have things for your use. OWN them not. They may remain with you, but they do not BELONG to you. ATTACH not to them.