Guidance From Yusef: The Nothingness of Silence

Barbara: This one is full of wisdom, and encourages us again to go into silence in order to meet God there. It is counterintuitive to we humans to think of God as being in the “nothingness,” but remember that NOTHINGNESS is EVERYTHING that is.


In the midst of the noise find silence. It is there—to be sought, cherished, clung to. For in the silence is One and Oneness. In the silence is All, and All’s nothingness. The paradox is that in the no-thingness is All That Is (God).

Greet the nothingness with open arms—embracing the unseen reality. Embrace it. Enter into it willingly, joyfully, dancing with gleeful surrender.

Fall into the lovingness of All That Is (God). Be energized therein to return to the Earth’s human state. Each time you return you will be changed, bringing back a new vibration to enrich Earth.

Do we GO somewhere?

There is no “going” and no “somewhere,” yet in your humanness we recognize the need to understand this.

Indeed the Soul “travels” to that which is beyond human understanding. And yet there is no movement to, or away from. There is merely THERE or IS or BEING. A shift takes place that is a different state of awareness beyond your human consciousness. It is true “communion” with God.

It is in this state we meet you in the fullness of All That Is. Is it here that Soul connects to Soul. 

Guidance From Yusef: Interactive Forum

Greetings to all! I am sending this out for all in the San Angelo, TX area who might be interested in hearing more about the Messages from Yusef.

I will be the guest speaker at the Unity of San Angelo Church service on Sunday, August 9th. The service is at 10:30am. I will also be doing a book signing between 11:45-1:00. An Interactive Forum on the messages I have received and how the book came about will follow at 1:00 PM. in the Sanctuary of the Church. All are welcome.