Guidance From Yusef: Reading Books on Spirituality

I am a reader of books—mostly books on spirituality these days. For those of you, like me, who are “fed” by reading, here is a little reminder from Yusef that I got recently. Perhaps it is a reminder for you as well. 🙂

Reading books may stimulate something within where connections are made, but reading books does not have the same benefit as the experience of the UNION found in SILENCE.

The content of books may be remembered and quoted, but the
where there are no words spoken or remembered,
is of greater benefit than all the books in the world.

There is no comparison.

Read your books if you choose but also make time to experience the PRESENCE OF GOD in silence.

Guidance From Yusef: On Rumi

Barbara: I am sharing part of Richard Rohr’s message for today as he writes about Rumi. Jalal al-Din Rumi was a scholar, theologian, Sufi mystic, and an inspired poet who lived in the 13th century. His works are some of my very favorites. He was also the head of a Dervish Sufi learning community in Turkey. (Sufism is the mystical arm of Islam.)

I was moved and inspired by Rumi’s Dervish Community Purpose that Rohr quotes. Though he lived in the 13th century, I would say that this Purpose, with a small change—I do not “fiercely search for” anything these days—could be mine today in this 21st century:

“To open the heart, to explore the mystery of union, to fiercely search for and try to say truth, and to celebrate the glory and difficulty of being in a human incarnation.”

Guidance From Yusef: On Miracles

Yusef speaks today of miracles. We humans think that a miracle is “…an event not explicable by natural or scientific laws. Such an event may be attributed to a supernatural being (God or gods), a miracle worker, a saint or a religious leader.” (Wikipedia)

Therefore, most of us think that miracles are beyond our reach.  Yusef seems to suggest that the working of what we would term a ‘miracle’ is accessible to all of us. Well, that actually may be true, as quantum physics has indicated, but there is so much more to it.

I think of this post as a nudge from the heavens to expand our thinking. Quite a challenge.


Miracles, or the miraculous, are the manifestation of potential in the physical. Miracles are the “play” of the Universe on the Earth. They demonstrate the malleability, or impermanence of the configuration of matter.

Miracles appear wondrous because the human mind thinks that matter, things, are in a permanent state that cannot be changed or manipulated. It must appear this way to you at first to ‘secure’ the world for your initial orientation. Yet matter is arranged in permanent form only in the mind that is unwilling to see its potential for re-arrangement.

Now, it is useful to allow some matter to remain in the configuration chosen. However, if the configuration is not beneficial, then SEE IT DIFFERENTLY.

Your mind is the only barrier to the rearranging of matter to a more beneficial state.

The responsibility that accompanies this Knowing is great, thus the movement of matter and the doing of ‘miracles’ also involves more than the human sense and understanding. Miracle working is yours when you can access the sense beyond the senses AND the Love necessary to affect transformation. This involves opening the heart to bring the ‘beyond’ to the Earth.