Guidance From Yusef: On Being Holy

I found this communication, though short, to be interesting. When we think of someone who is ‘holy,’ or close to God, we may picture that person as prayerful, or perhaps even serene. We may assume that they are always peaceful, never angry or frustrated, and always loving toward others. As humans we make assumptions and assign labels in our judgment of others, and so I asked Yusef about what it means to be ‘holy’.


We are laughing, as you say. What is this term HOLY? What meaning has it? There is no such concept in the Heavens.

The aspect, or aura, of one in CONNECTION to the ALL, one who has transcended the ego, may appear to be different from, or in a different state than others. That could be an accurate assessment. Yet the ‘holy’ label—the assumption that one in communion with the ALL must assume a pose or an action, or behave in predictable ways based on set expectations from those gone before [Saints ?] is absurd. None can know what is transpiring in the human heart or soul.

BE who you are in the Oneness and all else will follow. Let go of the false assumptions and limits of “holy.”

Guidance From Yusef: Sacrifice

This message is a powerful one. It asks us to let go of the currently accepted notion of “sacrifice” that many hold as something of value. I know from my youth I was taught to ‘sacrifice’ my own needs for the needs of others. Yusef asks us to rethink that idea or standard. He tells us that our idea of sacrifice, or denying ourselves, is of the ego and is not of God. You might need to read this one a few times…and make sure you read to the end. 🙂


Regarding now the idea of “sacrifice.” Beware this very tricky web. There is no such thing in the Heavens.

Sacrifice in the human understanding denies the presence of God, who asks for NO sacrifice. You are beloved ones who have access to all. The idea that you must sacrifice a part of your “all-ness” would leave a gaping hole in the fabric of Heaven. Impossible.

The idea of sacrifice is a construct of the EGO that says you must separate from your Self. It assumes that you would be left wanting or missing something. Again, impossible.

The idea of sacrificing, or giving up what you have been given by God, whether it be your time, your energy, your gifts, or your physical possessions is unthinkable.

Now, if you CHOOSE to give of your time, energy, gifts, or possessions, then it is not sacrifice. It is LOVE.

Reframe the idea of sacrifice. Realize it comes from that which would separate you further from your SELF and each other. God asks no such thing of you. When you can, let go of the concept of ‘sacrificing’ for another person or group. Then you have RECLAIMED the SELF that you are.

Then, and only then, are you able to GIVE FREELY to others and that gift is blessed by the Heavens.