Guidance From Yusef: The Holy Spirit

On this Pentecost Sunday when Christians remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Jesus’ apostles, I share Yusef’s response when I asked him to tell us of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate, sent by the Christ.


The Spirit, or ‘Advocate,’ that Jesus spoke of—what you term the “Holy Spirit,” is that which forever changed mankind.

It was Jesus who broke the barrier that separated humanity from divinity. He became ONE with God in his humanity and thus made it possible for all of humanity to attain that same oneness. 

The Spirit advocates for this reunion, the conscious awareness of who you are in God. This Spirit allows the experience of God in its true reality. 

This Spirit is the PRESENCE of God, that which opens the human to the EXPERIENCE, the KNOWING, of God while still in the human lifetime.

Jesus bestowed a KNOWING that had previously not been available. The Spirit Jesus sent connects the awareness, belief, and understanding of humanity with the One [God].

It is an immense gift. The awareness of this gift moves the transformation, enlightenment, and evolvement forward. The USE of the gift through prayer, meditation, and consciousness blesses the self and the world.

Guidance From Yusef: The Veil Thins

Yusef is a part of the Teacher or Guide or Helper Group in the Heavens. He and others serve as the guides for our souls during this lifetime. We each have a guide, and it is our souls that they shepherd. They are from God and are with us from birth and even before we were born. Nothing we do is unknown to them. Yusef tells me that he is my Helper, my Guide, and the “Friend of your Soul”.  It is my Soul that he knows, and it is my Soul that knows him.

But Yusef now says that the “veil” between Heaven and Earth is thinning, and we have greater access to awareness and assistance from all the heavenly beings. That’s exciting because we certainly do need God’s help to spread love and hope during this turbulent time on the Earth.


It is with joy we come bringing news of wonder and awe. The Heavens are opening for those who can perceive the joy and graces pouring forth. The veil thins and there is greater opportunity to connect to all [the helpers] the Heavens send. We are making ourselves known throughout the Earth. All are cooperating in this effort.

It is during this time that Great Blessing occurs. Those aware will feel the shift. Opportunity abounds.

Those moving away [from God] will have an opportunity to change direction. Those moving closer [to God] will be drawn in with great joy. They will “wonder” at the wonder of it.

There are also voices speaking on the Earth now who, with support, will move the Earth to a “safer” place. These voices are beginning to be heard. It is the hopeful who will keep the heavens open. We are rejoicing with any who find their way to Love and Trust.

See more of the messages of Yusef in the book, GOD SENT: Message of Love and Hope for Our World Today.


Guidance From Yusef: The Wonder of You


Rejoice! Find joy in the little things of each moment, each day. SEE the gift in the beauty of nature. See the gift and the beauty in all of your encounters today.

But first, and above all else, find the gift and the beauty in your SELF. UnknownWhen you open to the beauty that you are—the gift that you are to those around you, (no matter what you are doing in this moment in time), you are opening to all the love and grace of the Heavens that pour through you to the Earth. It is only when you can recognize that YOU ARE LOVE that you can bring that love to the world.

Do not listen to the voices inside or outside of you that say you are nothing, no good, unworthy. Turn a deaf ear to any suggesting you are “less than.” It is IMPOSSIBLE for you to be ‘less than’. You are all worthy, wondrous children of God Most High. The love poured out on your behalf is immeasurable. Open to that love.  Let it pour through you into the world.

Revel in the love—bathe in its wondrous warmth and consolation. Let the light of it clear all worry, concern and fear.

You are held dear by the Father, the All. How could you not love yourself??

Do not listen to what the world says. It is deceiving you. You are the JOY of the Heavens. Bask in the wonder of that.

There is NOTHING you can do to change the love surrounding you right now. Open to it, Wondrous You! Believe it, Son and Daughter! It is real and trustworthy. It cannot be shaken. Believe.

Amen. Amen.