Guidance From Yusef: Letting Go of Who I Think I Am

Yusef continues the topic of changing from a fear-filled person, to a free-from-fear person. Entering the metaphorical cocoon he tells us requires a willingness to be changed. It all happens naturally as we let go of who we THINK we are. We humans are concerned about our identity, our personality…who will we be on the other side of the cocoon? Will we lose our very selves? What will it be like to be free-from-fear? Such a foreign idea!


We resume: It is all GIFT for which there is no cost. The only “cost” is ACCEPTANCE/willingness. Acceptance demands a LETTING GO of that which humans cling so tenaciously to—attachment to identity.

The concern is that the personality, that which humans THINK is who they are, will be lost in the letting go. And indeed this bears some truth, for there is a shift in the ‘metamorphosis’ that adjusts the focus.

Identification with personality is: This is ME: I am…white/black/brown. I am this ethnicity, have this occupation, look like this, and so on.

When that is all let go in order to experience the “new” that was in potential already there, the orientation shifts.

The world may see the same body and personality, but you will feel completely different in your relationship to it. It no longer defines you, or IS you. You are in essence not a “new creation”, but rather you now remember who you REALLY ARE, and all is available to you.

You can metaphorically “fly.” And the light shining from within you makes you quite beautiful to others.

Guidance From Yusef: Letting Go of Fear

Barbara: A little explanation regarding caterpillars, butterflies, and metamorphosis….

Yusef uses the analogy of a caterpillar (the fearful us) going into a cocoon to be transformed into a butterfly (the free-from-fear us). This analogy is very powerful scientifically.


When a caterpillar forms a cocoon it disintegrates most of its body into a soup of sorts. But there are parts called “imaginal discs” that were already in the caterpillar and they become the basis for the growing butterfly. Some species of caterpillar even have tiny rudimentary wings already within their bodies. I love that image.

So the caterpillar LETS GO of its former “self,” literally dissolving it in order to become the new “self”.

For us that means being WILLING to be TRANSFORMED—not actually dissolved :). images-3We all have within us the potential to be free from the fears of this world as Jesus and others were. It just takes being willing to let go of our fearful self in order to LET GOD TRANSFORM US into the True Self that we already carry within us.


Now, the cocoon is the task. Once you have willingly entered the cocoon the “work” is not yours. It is the inevitable transformation in which the false self of fear is completely disintegrated, allowing the True Self (that was already within you) to emerge.

The POTENTIAL that existed, waiting, now BECOMES in the new form. Beauty that was hidden within now emerges by LETTING GO of the old way.

As each one emerges from the cocoon transformed, the new experience of beauty, freedom, and joy will transmit to the Earth to enliven others still ‘crawling’ to be willing to chance the cocoon.

And the movement of more and more butterflies on the Earth will generate a wind that will sweep over the land to free it.images-2

Guidance from Yusef: It’s Time To Let Go of Fear

Happy Spring! This post and the next are exciting in their spirit of hope and the feeling of freedom from all the worries and concerns of life on this planet that bog us down. Yusuf is telling us it’s time to let go of fear. Well, that’s easier said than done. But the beautiful new spring growth on the Earth right now signals new beginnings and I think that is what the heavens want us to focus on now. We have all the help we need to begin to move away from fear and move toward the freedom of inner peace and happiness. Yay!

The joy of the heavens is in stark contrast to the emanations coming from the Earth. This is unnecessary since the potential for joy on the Earth has never been greater.230766536_3adce9b68b_m

The scene is set to move past the influences of fear on the Earth—breaking free as a butterfly would break free of the boundary of the cocoon.

This must be the image put forth. It is time to be free of the constricting bonds of fear. The wonder of that freedom, though new and sometimes a struggle to acclimate to, connects you to the heavens.

Freedom from fear elevates, levitates the soul. More, it allows connection and communion with All That Is (God) in a new way.

Fear is of the Earth. Let go of fear to soar into the heavens while yet on the Earth.

Joy! Freedom!