Message From Barbara

Pardon my practical message today.

There is someone on the Amazon site trying to get a LOT of money out of a “First Edition” of the book, GOD SENT. I have no control over sites that do that, so please be careful.

If you have read the book, “GOD SENT: Messages of Love and Hope for Our World Today”, and are inclined to write a review for Amazon, that would be appreciated. Thank you!

Also, I have been asked if the latest posts are new dictation—they are. The messages of love and hope continue. I will on occasion post messages from the book if that is the guidance I receive.

Thank you for subscribing to these posts! And if you have questions or comments for me please don’t hesitate to contact me at
Love and Light to all today!

GOD SENT may be found on Amazon. See below:

Guidance From Yusef: Come to the Silence


Come to the SILENCE–the quiet of the nothingness. Rest in it. BE in it and you will find that you are not alone.

The ‘nothingness’ is ‘everything’, not in the sense of the physical matter of a filled space, but the EVERYTHING necessary for life, love, joy, unimaginable sensations of wonder.

This is what calls to you. This is ALL (God). This is more than home, or warmth, or the familiar. This calls you to be LOST in it. To know it because it IS you, because you are ONE with it.