Guidance From Yusef: All Affects All

Yusef, you say the Heavens know what we think and what we say and do.

All affects all. That is difficult for you now. Enlarge your thinking. Consider your thoughts and actions. Each goes out into the heavens to impact all of “us” and because you are also a part of the “us,” all that you are experiencing the greater body of “us” is also experiencing.

Think of this. When you have a toothache the pain of that small part of you is the focus of your whole body. The entire body is aware of the pain. There is no judgment around the pain. Rather there is greater love and care focused there. Helpers are sent (human immune system) and all in the body work to help that small part be well again. It is the same in the heavens.

When you feel love and joy–holding a newborn baby, a loving embrace, an awe inspiring sunset, a ride at a [theme] park–all these happy joyful emotions affect your entire body. The reaction of the chemicals in the human body prove without a question that your entire organism is aware of joy. Likewise it is aware of stress.

In the general sense all actions, feelings, thoughts from all on the Earth emanate out into the heavens to add to the experience and growth and expansion of ALL.

This is why we encourage EACH on the Earth to love, find joy and happiness, care and console, be understanding, and show compassion. This is the Soul’s way, the way of ALL.  Let that which is not of Soul fall away.

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Guidance From Yusef: Darkness and Fear

Barbara: Yusef today talks about the dark side and fear. It is my understanding that refers not only to the abbhorent acts taking place in the world today, but also refers to our response to them. Some human forces in the world (and the media) would have us be afraid and fearful of everything. The energy of fear is contagious and the fact that Yusef says the world is sending out more and more fear should alarm us.  Our being fearful blocks light, love, and joy which are the only “weapons” we have against darkness. Today I pray we can look to the light within us, the light from the heavens, and the beauty and love still very present in the world. As the Light grows stronger the darkness cannot be sustained.


The world you now occupy remains precarious. There is a tipping toward the dark side of FEAR rather than light and love.

Now we must assert that there is no real “dark side.” However, there is an energy that comes from the increasing fear in the world. In actuality it is most important to remember that it has no force other than what you give it.

Therefore it is not necessary to “take up arms” or “do battle” against this force. It is only necessary to turn to love and joy. In this light the darkness has no power.

Find the light–the joy in this day and every day–MOST IMPORTANT.


Guidance From Yusef: Beauty and Joy Counter Darkness


Such a beautiful Universe! Do not lose sight of the beauty. It is beauty, seen and appreciated, that will counter the darkness.

The darkness does gain in energy strength with your current obsession with fear on the earth. Rather look to nature, to the love that abounds there. As negative energies gain momentum and force it is especially important to find joy and beauty–each day, each moment when possible.

Make this a priority. Beauty. Joy. Gratitude. MOST important.

When the energy of FEAR takes hold within the human psyche it seeks to expand. Rather like a cancer it seeks to grow. Do not allow this. The “antidote” to this fear energy is joy, love, laughter, gratitude. In this energy all blossom and bloom. The heart is energized. This is the “sunshine” that allows expansion and growth on the earth. Fear, the opposite, stops growth, stops expansion. This is counter to Universal law.

EnJOY this day! Find opportunities to be in the beauty of nature and in the presence of joyful souls.

Guidance From Yusef: 8 Things I Know About Judgment


First a Note: Judging others or events in our lives as good or bad, right or wrong, appropriate or inappropriate, holy or unholy, safe or unsafe seems to come naturally to us. A few examples of this judgment are: blaming, anger, disdain, eye rolling, shaming, name calling, or insisting that my religion, my country, and my ideas are the only right ones.


#1 I know we are taught (is conditioned too strong a word?) to judge. We are taught by well-meaning parents, family, religion, culture, and society to judge anything that is different from the rules and norms they  have passed on to us. We learn to “see” the world through the lenses they give us. And we learn the lessons well.

#2 I know that we judge so easily because judgment comes naturally to our human ego. The ego is that voice inside that reminds us to stay within the boundaries we’ve been given. It says that if others don’t look, think, dress, believe, worship, or act like us we must be wary of them. The ego also judges us—as not competent, unworthy, or unlovable, or even as better than everyone else.

#3 I know that we don’t see the world as IT IS. We don’t see the world as it really is—as if we were looking through the non-judgmental lens of a video camera capturing a scene. Instead we see the world through the lens of our biases. We think the way we see the world is the right way. We don’t question whether our biases are correct, or even notice that we’re judging others.

#4 I know that we judge the world as potentially dangerous. Taught to judge the world as potentially dangerous, we take measures to protect ourselves and our property. We have locks, guards, alarm systems, and passwords. We carry arms and secure our borders. These actions further isolate us from each other.

#5 I know that judgment comes from fear. Judgment points to our fears about something—safety, security, belonging, criticism, self-esteem, abandonment, and so on. We judge automatically and without thinking—and we’re not even aware that we carry these fears deep down. Most of our fears however, are much worse than the actual events in our lives. Often what we fear is False Evidence Appearing Real.

#6 I know that judgment and love cannot exist in the same moment. If we are passing judgment on another person, no matter how slight, we cannot be loving them in the same moment. Judgment is the opposite of acceptance, appreciation, and love. It separates us from one another. We judge without acknowledging that everyone has their own reason for what they do.

#7 I know there are ways to re-program our automatic judgmental reactions! It IS possible to change our learned judgmental responses. There are steps we can take to become more aware of the biases we hold. We can move from judgment to understanding, and from fear to trust. We can begin to see that we’re all in this together and there truly is goodness in the world.

#8 I know that what we put out into the world we will get back from the world. If we are fearful, judgmental, and see others as threatening, we will react in ways that will threaten them. As long as humanity continues to judge in fear there will be unhappiness, war, terrorism, violence, and turmoil in the world. When we learn to come together in trust rather than judgment we will have the potential for a peaceful planet.


Note 2: Please be assured that I  know there are valid reasons to feel fear and determine a situation as dangerous. We have natural instincts that alert us when we, or those we love, are threatened with bodily harm, whether it be from a speeding car, a growling dog, while driving on an ice covered street, or from a person threatening us with a weapon. In these situations we revert to our instinctive responses to survive. But these life situations are not judged as good or bad, fair or unfair—they just are. So listen to that inner alarm and call 911, don’t go near the dog, and be careful on that slippery ice!









Guidance From Yusef: Happy New Year


Yusef tells us that there really is no “time”, but the heavens understand our Earthly need to count the hours, days, and years–sort of. It seems to be a bit of a stretch for them but they love us so much they try hard to understand. 🙂

In that spirit, I send wishes to all for a year filled with love, joy, and the awareness that you are much more than you think you are–much more. You are one with the One, Source of all that is, God. You are a Spirit being journeying through this short lifetime on the Earth.

This year I hope you delight in the gift of this amazing physical life, and will take special care of yourself, each other, and our Mother Earth. The vibrations of those efforts will bless all on the Earth and in the heavens.

Sending you all Blessings of Peace for 2015!