Guidance From Yusef: The Christ


Christ, a term you use to describe one human person, is a much bigger concept. Enlarge your thinking. All is Christ, a term for the God-ness.  Jesus, this one human person, respresents the God-ness, the All of creation within his divinity (Soul) and his humanity—CHRIST.

The Universe contains all that is, and seeking a name for the representative of ALL THAT IS, and all in the Universes is the term CHRIST.  The Christ-ness includes all that is. 

The Most High [God] is the wonder of wonders—beyond all you are and know. Yet the Most High is within and without each of you, present to all, and with all, and in all.

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Guidance From Yusef: Jesus the Christ

I asked:  “Who or what is the Christ”?

YUSEF: Part 1

Jesus the man was the fullness of the CHRIST—example to all. Light and Life. The frequency of his vibration resounded throughout the heavens, gathering all to himself.  It is of the CHRIST we speak—this being the culmination of all consciousness.  

In the heavens are the homes of many—far beyond your imagining. In these places there are multitudes of anointed ones. Yet out of these ONE was chosen to enter the world with the wisdom and knowledge from beyond the veil. 

In the one man (though there have been others) the heavens were poured. This divine and human vessel carried into the human condition the ALL of creation. Not within his humanity but rather within his SOUL.

His Soul, with an extremely high vibration, carried the Oneness to the Earth in a way not seen previous to his coming. Thus was he ANOINTED to do the mission chosen for him.

Jesus the human, born to the Earth in a certain time is the culmination of all the wisdom and effort of humanity.

God Sent: Messages of Love and Hope for Our World Today

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Guidance From Yusef: Mary’s “Yes”

Barbara: At this time of year I am struck again by the power of Mary’s “Yes” to God’s will for her life. The Biblical account in the Gospel of Luke, tells us that the Angel Gabriel sought Mary out to tell her she had been chosen to be the mother of Jesus, Son of God. According to the Bible, the Angel didn’t seem to give her much of an option, but it does say that Mary agreed to it by proclaiming herself “the servant of the Lord.”

Yusuf tells us that “There are specific purposes chosen for each lifetime….” so we can safely assume that we know what Mary’s purpose was. What if she had said no? In this world and in the Heavens “no” is a perfectly acceptable answer. There is no judgment around it. We have free will to accept what life brings to us or not. Mary said Yes to the Angel and to the plan that determined the rest of her life. Jesus also said, “Yes” to what God asked of his life.

I am reminded again that it is important to assert my “Yes” to what life brings to me, no matter what it is. Everything that comes into my life is for my soul growth and for my greater good. It may not always seem that way, but that’s only because I may not have discovered yet the blessing that it brings with it.

Each of us has a purpose on the Earth that only we can fulfill. No one else can do what we have come here to do. So if an Angel does happen to appear in full glory in my room or your room, I sure hope that we will not “be afraid,” but will welcome it with humility and great joy. Chances are this won’t happen, but today and every day I will try to proclaim my YES to life, and to live more consciously in the Light of Love, as Mary and Jesus did.