Guidance From Yusef: True Spirituality

Barbara: Recently I was moved by a message from Richard Rohr who writes that spirituality is always about changing our own way of SEEING and HEARING. That is what the Spirits were saying to me many years ago when they told me to SEE DIFFERENTLY.

We can see and hear the news of the world through our humanness, our egos, and what we may perceive is a fearful world–especially with the fighting in the Middle East, drastic weather events, and the latest Ebola crisis for example. Our humanness sees a world in which we are not safe. A world that threatens our home, our lifestyle, or our very lives.

But seen through the eyes of the Soul, the eyes of the God Mind, we can see differently–with love, compassion, trust, and hope for those suffering as a result of war, weather, or illness. We can see a world where we are safe, because in God there is really nothing to fear.
Rohr writes that “We mend and renew the world by strengthening inside ourselves what we seek outside ourselves...”

To find love, we must strengthen love within.
To find peace, we must strengthen peace within.
To find forgiveness, we must strengthen a forgiving heart within.
And above all, to see a safer world, we must begin to SEE DIFFERENTLY–through the eyes of the soul, the eyes of God.


Guidance From Yusef: The Soul


The Soul knows the Oneness [God]. The Soul is one with the Oneness. Unimaginable to you now is the wondrous beauty and intelligence of the Soul.

The Soul seeks even greater oneness and awareness in its desire to “move closer” to Source–to return to the fullness from which it differentiated to experience new experiences. Once differentiated, it became aware of its smallness beside the All of Source. Its main drive then is to return to its home in a fuller, more expanded self awareness.

This message on the Soul, though short, is beautiful. It speaks of being one with Source/God before we differentiated* from it to be born into this world. Our coming to the Earth offers our Souls an opportunity to expand and contribute to the Oneness of God because our Souls are still, of course, a part of the Oneness/God. Our Souls long to return to the bosom of Source–to move ever closer to complete oneness and to be “lost” again in God.

As you read this, I invite you to substitute the word “my” for “the” in Yusef’s message to make it even more personal, i.e. “My Soul knows the Oneness [God].”

*differentiated–to become different in the process of growth or development