Guidance From Heaven: Awaken to what is beyond the senses


It is with joy that we bring this message to those hungry for words that will affirm and support their “knowing” beyond their conscious awareness [the senses].

This is for all. The “Heavens” are present among you. Realizing this, we are making ourselves known to many. Awaken! Awakening allows Oneness to be revealed.

During the ordinary living of the day be aware…awake. In the going and coming be awake. It will be this awareness in the true awakened state that will “save” you.

In this state you are open to possibilities beyond the mind. You are open not only to guidance and an assistance far beyond anything you know, but in that totally open state you recognize and are one with the Oneness. The larger self. The I Am-ness of the Soul. This blesses all the Universe.

Guidance From Yusef: Evolving Toward Love

Yusef tells us that now is a good time for evolution of the human race toward a more peaceful planet, and away from war. Growth toward the realization that we are all in this together and away from the sense of separation caused by borders, languages, nationalism, and religions. Growth toward the awareness of our interdependence with the Earth and awareness of its increasingly fragile state.

Yusef tells us that this is an optimal time, a window of opportunity, to move forward, and many in the Heavens are eager to help us through it.


The potential for humankind to evolve at this time is great. There gather a significant number now [on Earth] whose vibrational level moves forward the evolution of humankind. Come together. Support each other, so that vibrations might increase in the encounters.

There are those working on your plane and on ours to encourage movement and increase the acceleration. And so we are increasingly eager to share what will cause us all to be aware of our ONENESS. Our joy and love increases as the joy and love of one soul increases.

To you and others it may SEEM that we are disconnected from each other. That is far from truth. We have always been and will always be connected and the bond is stronger than you can understand. We are ONE though many. Interdependent. Interconnected. All a part of All That Is. It serves us all to move forward.