Guidance From Heaven: Growing As One

Yusef: The Universe is supremely supportive. In reality we are ONE. Therefore we are you and you are we.  It is our choice to assist you and others to remember the task that was set forth for the lifetime experience. We also work to advance the experiences of those on your planet. We are here to help. When you grow, we all benefit. Though we have said this many times, it applies here again. We also benefit individually (as well as collectively) from your growth.

Division is not of the heavens. All are One. There is no separation. When humans grasp this concept it will move evolution forward. It will remove many obstacles now existing that prevent further growth.

Thus begins a message that underlies why we are here on this Earth, in this Earth-School. Each is each here to do what none other can do. We are here to fulfill the purpose for which we came. We are in a continually evolving human existence, growing and becoming.

The term “evolution” refers to the growth of humanity on this planet, part of an ever evolving, ever growing Universe. Substitute the word growth for evolution and you will come close to the concept Yusef is communicating.

Yusef tells us that now is a good time for evolution of the human race toward a more peaceful planet, and away from war. Growth toward the realization that we are all in this together and away from the sense of separation caused by borders, languages, nationalism, and religions. Growth toward the awareness of our interdependence with the Earth and awareness of its increasingly fragile state.

Guidance From Heaven: Seeing Life From Spirit-Soul

Yusef talks about the difficulty of seeing life from our Spirit-Soul selves, and some suggestions on how we can accomplish it….


Coming forth from the nutrients of the Earth is the human body. Your body flowing from another body that came from another body and so on. Thus the miracle of life as you term it streams from body to body.

It is no wonder you do not easily recognize SOUL when the matter of your body is so present to your awareness. Yet you are more alive when seeing life through the eyes of the Soul.images-5

It would seem that you need to move your awareness [focus] from your ego-body needs to your Spirit-Soul. This is not easily done when the Spirit has no form to grasp or to look at in the mirror. [smile]

Thus do we offer guidance on how to move freely beyond the ego-body and into that which you truly are, the Spirit essence that is YOU.

It is a shifting of awareness.  A recognition that you are more…bigger than your body-self.

Prayer and meditation help. A state of happiness or bliss, [being in] nature–anything that moves your heart to open helps. It is your HEART that is the gateway to your divine self.

Move your awareness to the heart and you will be transported to reality. The ego cannot be present at the same time so it quietly moves back–to a less conscious place.

Of course you remain fully in the body, yet [in this action] you are consciously expanding to recognize the greater reality that is your Spirit/Soul Self. Joy, Freedom, Peace!

Guidance From Heaven: Allow Your Spirit/Soul to Guide You

We are asked to AWAKEN to all that is around us, the visible as well as the invisible. As we awaken to the Spirit within us, we become more aware of the presence of God in and around us, in all forms. We will see the world and everything in it with new eyes and in a new way.


Recognize Spirit in all. Continually bring Spirit into your awareness. Allow Spirit to “feel” for you, to guide your actions and responses. In this way you practice living in the reality of All (God), and strengthen your connection to All that Is.

In the heavens there is rejoicing as the world turns back to the Spirit and Soul, making the connection again to the All in All. You too can know the presence of All in each other. Connect to the Universal knowledge through Soul and you will know each other most intimately. Never doubt that this ability is yours.

Every step taken, every breath inhaled is a part of the Universal conversation. All hear. All are of aware of these. There is no OTHER. All are ONE. As the “worst” is, you are. As the “best” is, you are. (Very difficult to use best and worst but these earthly terms serve to illustrate).

Thus be humble. Step aside to allow Heaven onto the Earth. It is not complicated. It is simple. Step aside. Thus may the flow of blessings come unimpeded.

Arising from Love and living in the All, move past the ego that controls thoughts, and allow the light to burst through the darkness of the human experience. KNOWING will be available to you and to all who follow this path.