Guidance From Heaven: We Asked For It

Yusef tells us today that we have asked for everything that comes into our lives.  That may be hard to believe in some circumstances–quite hard. How can all the “bad” things be from God, and requested by us?

You may find yourself fighting against some life circumstances, feeling sorry for yourself about others, or resisting the people and events that life brings you. But if you remember that this is the Earth School and our Souls have come here to learn and grow, then you may begin to look at what each day brings in a different way.

We are all asked to pay attention to what life brings us, without judgment about its goodness or badness.  It is all at our Soul’s request.


Begin this day and every day with thanksgiving–gratefulness for whatever circumstances or situations present themselves in your living that day.

There is nothing that comes into your life that you have not in some way requested from God.

The request is seldom verbal and may not even be a conscious (thought) request from you. Rather, it comes from deep within you as a part of the Plan your Soul designed with God before you came into this world.

ALL that enters your life–whether it be events, people, or physical manifestations [things]–ALL are your Soul’s intention.

Let us explain further.

Your requests follow the Plan prepared by you and God. Thus is this Plan the design of your Soul.

The designs (Plans) of the Souls on Earth serve a multitude of purposes that are hidden during the lifetime. Far too complex for your concern. The important thing to note, as you say, is that everything and everyone in your life is there at your conscious or unconscious request.

It is all there for you to first experience, and then to respond to. Things are not just happening “to” you. You have asked that they happen to teach you what you came here to learn.

The more conscious and aware you are of this, the greater the learning and growth will be.  The visible evidence of this growth will be the peace and acceptance you feel with all that life brings to you.

However, if the circumstances and people in your life at this time are no longer of benefit to you, you have the power to make the changes that will bring you greater inner peace. The entire Universe/God will support all your desires/requests.

“Bad, or unwanted experiences, are only what we call experiences whose part in our growth and integration we do not yet understand. The minute we understand that ALL experiences enrich our life because they all cause learning and growth, no experience is seen as bad.” Teal Swan