Guidance From Heaven: Illusion


Imagine that all one knows is changed.  Different from the norm one is accustomed to.  Then you feel  lost, disoriented, adrift.  There is nothing offering a firm hold, nothing to grasp.

UNLESS you realize that what is changing is not real–illusion as you say.  If you can believe that only the illusion can shift and change then you can allow the beauty to come forth and find comfort and solace and direction.images
When true reality is accepted then the way is made clear, the Angels helping/assistance can be seen/perceived, and you may move forward without fear.
There are many who will not see this [reality], many who will know it and yet not trust it. And many who will lose their way because of lack of faith and trust over time.
It is most important that now, while things are yet not changed, that all come to see that the world is illusion.  It is important to realize and accept that what is truly real does not die–it only grows and expands in wonder and truth.


Guidance From Yusef: Positive Energy

Norman Vincent Peale had it right when he wrote in his book, The Power of Positive Thinking, that when you “change your thoughts…you change your world”.images-1

Yusef tells us to be mindful of our thoughts and actions because they affect our daily lives, but they also live forever in the Universe!!

We are also impacted by the energy of those around us—both positive and negative.  Yusef entreats us to remove “all negative thoughts and worries and doubts” in our own thinking and be aware of the energy around us. Is the energy from  friends, co-workers, and family positive, loving, and growth producing?

The sequence is important.  First be aware of your own thoughts and actions, and then begin to notice those around you.

The more positive (thoughtful and considerate) energy we can generate, the more those around us will be impacted.  It’s worth the effort, and it begins with each of us.


THINK CAREFULLY. ACT WITH THOUGHTFUL CONSIDERATION and with the knowledge that your actions will impact now and forever all in the Universe. This seems improbable and impossible. Actually it is a fact and worthy of your attention.

You and your body are reacting constantly to the thoughts and actions in your environment. All affects all. 

REMOVE ALL NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND WORRIES AND DOUBTS. Live only in love and in the light. It is most important, and worth the effort to remove negativity from your own thinking and action—and from your environment.

BE MINDFUL OF THE ENERGY SURROUNDING YOU. Remove yourself from negative or draining energy. Place yourself within energy fields that support your growth.