Guidance From Yusef: Three Injunctions

It has been many years since Yusef first gave me what I call the Three Injunctions. (Dictionary def of injunction: An authoritative warning or order.)

They came out of nowhere, as Yusef’s messages often do. They were very clear and authoritative, but came with no further explanation or instruction.  I guess I was supposed to understand them right away, but I must confess that it has taken me years to learn their meaning for my life.

There are only six words, but they are very powerful and life changing and I share them now with you.

The Three Injunctions:

Pay Attention

The Divine speaks through every person, event, circumstance, and place in your life.  Nothing is coincidence.  Once God has your attention you can receive the messages of love and guidance the Heavens have to offer you.

See Differently

Get past the filters of bias, prejudice, and the old stories you carry from childhood and religious teachings in order to see every person, event, place, etc. through the eyes of the Soul.

See without judgment of any kind.  See only with compassion, wisdom, understanding, and love.

Take Nothing

How many possessions/things do you need?  How many do you want?  How many can you live without?

What stories, or hurts, or memories from the past are you still carrying with you?

Let go of the past.  Let go of what no longer serves you.

NOTE:  These six words have been a guide for my soul growth, but their depth and meaning must be discovered by each person within their own life.  I wish you blessings on your journey!