Guidance From Yusef: How to Move from Ego to Soul

For those wishing to live more from your Spirit/Soul–here is some advice from Yusef.

  1. It is willingness that opens the door.
  2. It is desire that accelerates growth.
  3. It is effort that bears results.
  4. It is discipline that maintains the focus.
  5. It is silence that allows communion [with Source/The Father].

And I would also add my Earthly voice…. The Soul is who you truly are.  Let go of what is NOT Soul.  Just as Michelangelo chipped away at the marble stone to reveal the “David” within it, so you can chip away at your human ego to reveal your Soul within.

Let go of Ego–that part of you that is concerned, worried, anxious, angry, frustrated, impatient, and controlling. That is so difficult in our busy human lives, because ego is what we know best.  But read again what Yusef says.  Be willing to see; desire to see.  Then make the following effort….

Stand beside yourself and NOTICE what you are doing or feeling, OBSERVE how you are talking, what you are afraid of, what your concerns are. DO NOT JUDGE any of your behaviors or feelings, just observe them. i.e. Some examples:  Oh, wow, listen to me saying that.  Or, Ooh, I seem to be really angry about that.  Or, Look at me working so hard to control this situation. Or, Ouch, I think that hurt my pride.

The you that is standing beside, noticing, is your Soul Self.  The more you practice this discipline, the more you will be living from your Soul Self.  You will begin to be more and more uncomfortable in the ego and realize that the ego self is NOT YOU!  And you will shift more often and more easily into Soul/Spirit thinking, feeling, and acting.

Then as much as you are able, sit in silence from your Soul and just BE with God.

Oh, this just makes me want to jump for joy!!

Love, Barbara

Guidance From Yusef: The Illusion

This may be a tough one for some.  Yusef says that the lives we’re living on this Earth are in essence, an illusion. Whoa! This life sure seems real.

203239_THE WHOLE CAST1To explain–what Yusef is saying is that we’ve taken on a body and a personality in order to play and learn and grow “in wisdom and knowledge” on the Earth.  The reality is that our Spirit/Soul Selves are just visiting here, and we are participating in a sort of Play, or Movie, that we have helped to write and are acting out. It’s obviously more complicated, but that’s the bottom line.

The Real You is acting out a script written by you and God. It is your life path, or God’s Will for you. And while it seems real, our true reality is that we are spirit beings just playing for a time in a human body.

Note: Yusef warns not to disturb people who “do not yet understand, whose reality is firm in the acting”.  The time isn’t right for them.  So, if you can’t wrap your head around the idea that what seems real may not be, then don’t worry.  Just skip this one.

(PS I welcome questions, comments and discussion. Barbara)


The Earth experience is a choice planned for and chosen by each person.  And in the physical birthing the “true” self [Spirit/Soul]–who you really are–is obscured by the self necessary for survival on the Earth plane and in the illusion.

Thus obscured, the Soul Self remains hidden until “discovered” by the self living on the Earth.

Now the Soul, though seemingly hidden, is quite active, and is the main player so to speak–learning from and growing from the experiences of the actor-self who is living out the personality chosen.

When the term “illusion” is used it references the seeming reality which is actually not real.  The magician says it best.  What appears to be very real, is not.

Now, the illusion you are living out carries far more than entertainment value–although we would wish more found their lives entertaining. 

This illusion is set up, or put into play as it were, in order to experience, learn, and grow from it.  And the one growing is the “True Self”, the Soul–one with The Divine.

Enjoy the illusion.  It is best lived from the Soul Self with knowledge of the underlying reality.

Play on!

Guidance From Yusef: Our Life Circumstances

I have just come from saying goodbye to my niece, a remarkable woman who has made the transition from this life to her next adventure. Her life was well and fully lived in service of others, though not without tremendous physical suffering.

I know that before we come into this world we, with Divine help, choose the circumstances of our lives in order to accomplish the purpose set out for us.

Kelley chose a most difficult physical path, and it is hard to imagine that it was perfect for her, and yet I know this to be true.

Kelley taught us all during her 37 years. At her Memorial service we listened to a letter of condolence from President Bill and Hillary Clinton (for whom she worked), heard a US Congresswoman and the San Diego City Council President speak about Kelley, and heard touching and funny stories from those she shared her life with. I was moved by the impact she had on so many.

Could she have lived the same life, made the same impact, out of a wheelchair and without the ravages caused by MD and MS? According to Yusef it was all purposeful.


Your purpose ALWAYS fits perfectly with the personality chosen for the lifetime. All has been carefully thought through to maximize the potential to accomplish the purpose(s) chosen.

The body you chose to inhabit was chosen for a purpose. It is your vehicle for attainment. You need this body and all that it is to attain your purpose for coming into this world, this lifetime.

The challenges you face in this body are growth producing. It is an instrument, enabling you to learn and grow. Nothing is coincidence. The challenge is to recognize the gift of present circumstance, and remain connected to the Source of Love.

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