Guidance From Yusef: A Conversation

A Conversation:

So, Yusef, what are we doing for Lent  Any suggestions??


Sure.  We’re in this together.

You know it doesn’t work that way.

How does it work then?  Don’t partners help each other?

You don’t need our help.

I think I do.

You might think that at some level, but at another, you know exactly what to do.

What if I can’t see that level?

Let it rise up.

How do I do that?

Let go.  Quit trying.  Be silent and listen to yourself.  Trust.

So—let go of all control, all thinking….


Yep?  Oh my, this is different.

We’re having a conversation now.  And since there is no difference between us then you are talking to your Self.

Ah ha!  Am I talking to my Soul?

In a sense, yes.  Since the Soul-You is a part of and connected intimately to All That Is, or God, then you are talking not only to your God-Self, but to all who are One with you.

So…we’re straying now from the original question.  Does my Soul-Self know what I could offer?

Your Soul Self knows what you have chosen to accomplish in this lifetime.  It knows the path you are on.  It does not concern itself with the details, the minutia of it all.  That is where the partnership with the human potential comes together with the purpose for the lifetime—both working together to pull it off.   Do not discount the gift of your humanness, the gift of your mind.   Together the Soul-You and the Human-You can work miracles, each contributing to bring to the world what is needed to evolve, and both the Soul and the World are blessed in a reciprocal interaction.

I think I see.  You’re not going to give me the direct answers.  That’s up to me—all of me.

Correct.  You’ve got it now.  Discover the wholeness of your Self and you will open the door to All That Is, the Source of All.

Guidance From Yusef: A Time of Peace Comes

Yusef has given us volumes on Light and Love and its importance for ourselves and for the world. But now he is showing us what the results of sharing it will be!

It is up to each of us to bring our Light of Love into the world–that will result in the Peace Yusef describes. Join me in making it our conscious mission for today and for this New Year:

To be more loving, more open to the Christ Light within, more hopeful, more accepting, more conscious of our Oneness with all that is, more AWAKE and AWARE. To look past the illusion that the world gives us to the true reality that is God With Us (Emmanuel).

I continue with The Coming Times predictions. This one excites me at the deepest level, thinking of the peaceful possibilities for our terribly troubled world.


In the coming time is the PEACE that is already overwhelming those who have awakened. These will know great joy, and will build joy upon joy.  Peace will be the foundation from which will come:

  • first appreciation,
  • then gratitude,
  • then joy, and
  • overwhelming Love.

In that Love will the potential flower/blossom.   In that Love will a new era exist.  This era will move humanity forward in an evolution as yet unseen–exponentially beyond what has been known.

In that era will those awakened delight in generative activity, moving humankind forward. 

In that time will peace prevail.

In that time the children born will also move humankind forward in ways not seen before.

In that time will nations come together.  The world will indeed recognize that it is one community.

 The strong will be those seeking peace, greater communication, and openness to all cultures and peoples.


Guidance From Yusef: A New Era Dawns

images-24I bring in the New Year with a series of messages from Yusef that tell of an era of PEACE that is (potentially) coming.  This peaceful time depends, however, on all of us awakening to the understanding that we are LIGHT and LOVE–that we are all ONE in God.

Yusef is telling us in this message that we are powerful when connected to Source/God.  That the heavens have opened a window to pour out grace and help to the Earth.  It’s time to come together in “gratitude and awareness”.  It’s time to trust that we are “bigger” than our human nature, that we are indeed an expression of God upon this Earth.

We have each chosen to be on the Earth at this time–a very exciting time.  It is ours to be Love and Light today, aware and awake to the presence of God in every moment of our living.


The old ways are dying.  Move forward—letting go of the old.  A new era dawns. 

This is a time for gratitude and awareness.  The Earth community MUST recognize the ONENESS.  It is beneficial to work toward oneness.  In this coming together many will be saved.  In the coming together is the power needed.

Remember LOVE is the greatest power, the direct connection to Source/All/One.  LOVE.  Open hearts.

We speak now of the potential of humanity evolving ever forward.  In joy do we speak of this.  As the trees evolve from a tiny seed so also is the potential of humankind capable of great evolution.  Windows are opening for this to occur. 

Coming together assists in this movement forward.  Those unable to make the leap will require assistance.  Thus is it important that all voices be heard.  Ringing out with truth–each to each resounding into the Universes.

The heavens are opening that information might flow back and forth.  Information includes love and assistance as well as direct communication.  The portals are available as never before.  This is necessary to save humanity and the Earth.  The connections are intimate.

The power inherent in each living thing speaks to the Source of all, All That Is. This power, potential in many yet untapped and unrealized, is more than you could ever imagine.  The extent of YOU is beyond measure, extending into space and time in ways and lengths you cannot imagine in the current time bound and space bound existence you exist in.  In remembering who you are you have a small sense of this power.  And yet once sensed, it is often rejected as impossible, not real, too frightening.  It is rationalized away as you say.

We speak of this power at this time because it will be critical to access the potential that is you.