Guidance From Yusef: You are Soul

Yusef, The Teacher, tells us to try to live out of our Soul nature rather than our Ego. Easy to say, difficult to do. But the results are MORE than worth it!


As you give your Soul more authority while in the human state, you open to the unlimited Source of All That Is. It is simple–a step, a turn. It is only difficult because of the power you have already given Ego. Why do you give your life over to an ILLUSION–to something other than YOU?

YOU are SOUL–that which is, was, and will always be YOU. Let go gently of the captor of the Self, the ego. You will not die. You will continue to live–free of the bonds that have captured you and directed your living.

Once the Soul is embraced, you will wonder how you could have lived in bondage of body, mind, and Spirit for so long.

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One thought on “Guidance From Yusef: You are Soul

  1. Yes! I’m constantly fighting that battle. I remember hearing a talk by a pilot once who always thought of God as his Co-pilot until he almost crashed and he realized that God was just letting him hold the controls but that God was actually flying his plane–AND guiding his life! Humph! I don’t realize that half the time!! My ego has me convinced that I am in control! I have trouble “letting go and letting God!” I like the Soul image because I firmly that God lives somewhere in my being (not sure where, but I call it my “heart room”) but I keep him hidden away while I let my ego run my life and my thoughts. Yusef, I got lotsa work to do–thanks for the reminders!!

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