Guidance From Yusef: The Birth of the Ego

Well, this is a BIG ONE—at least to me.  Yusef tells us how the Human EGO began.  He tells us that humanity was quite peaceful once. It was “a time of great and wondrous experience of life in the physical—Spirit experiencing the physical”.  But the simplest concept of “more and less” was introduced onto the Earth.  Then, in order to gain “more” and protect against “less”, humans developed a protective mechanism, the Ego, that separated us from each other.

images-5When I think of how simple it was to spiral a joyful, loving, peaceful community into the illusion of separateness that turned neighbor against neighbor, I am astonished and saddened.  Wow!  We have had eons of waging war to gain “more” and protect against “less”, but at last we are awakening to the notion that we are all in this together, and that peace is again a possibility for humanity.


This is a teaching on EGO.

This aspect of the human experience was necessary for the preservation of humanity when it shifted from a peaceful existence to other than peace.

Forces intruded into the physical to make it aware of ‘more and less’.  The simple concept of ‘more and less’ set into motion the whole range of ego response that looks like what is found in your world today.

Now this is very real.  A [seemingly] needed protection, though the “need” was faulty and an illusion, turned humanity away from the joy and peace it knew and toward the many “dualities” present in your world.

The time of peace in your physical world was very real.  A time of great and wondrous experience of life in the physical–Spirit experiencing the physical.  What a wondrous thing!!!

Now this protective aspect that arose during the illusion of need became itself—reveling in its own power.  Clinging and nourishing its power with degrees of duality in the physical world.

Those more open to it used it to become seemingly more “powerful” and thus the illusion continued and grew stronger. Humanity was susceptible/vulnerable to the influence suggesting ‘more and less’.  A simple idea that contaminated the peace that existed then.


Guidance From Yusef: Pay Attention. Be Light for Others

Yusef begins this message reminding us that God is with us.  So often in our busy and often stressed lives we lose sight of that fact.  We think we are going it alone, that there are no other resources available to us.

Yusef says that there are dark forces on the Earth that we need to pay attention to, but at the same time to remember that we are LIGHT and there is nothing to fear.  God is with us always. That might be hard to remember for those who have lost a job, or declared bankruptcy, or are experiencing an illness, or are still cleaning up after a “superstorm” weather event.

It is in the darker times that we can look to those who continue to trust and shine their LIGHT through the darkness for us all to see.  They give us all HOPE!  They remind us that we, too, are children of the light.

Shine on through whatever you are experiencing today!  Remember you are LIGHT, connected to the Source and Power of Love, and you are never alone. We have God’s assurance that the “power of LOVE prevails”.


The warnings have been given.  Pay attention to that which you know.  God is One.  All are of God.  God is All.  In all the Universes, in all the ‘places’, in all the heavens, God IS.  The power and wonder are beyond the beyond.  And yet God Is.  In Love, Light and merciful Goodness, God is.

Yet there are forces beyond the goodness.  Beware the darkness.  Remain in the Light.  Sense keenly when darkness nears.  Fear nothing, yet be aware.  Eliminate any inkling/semblance of fear.  The power of Love prevails.

images-3The world darkens before the Light may pierce its force.  And yet Light is the visible sign of Love present.  Light cuts through the darkness and shines upon the contrasting dark. 

The darkness allows the Light to be seen by those who need encouragement to remember the Light.

Thus is love, ofttimes a tiny spark, yet that spark shining forth is unstoppable if allowed to “beam” forth.