Guidance From Yusef: The Coming Times—Maintain Hope

Unknown-1In 2009 I received this message.  Yusef speaks of the chaos on Earth that is still occurring today, 4 years later.  But he speaks of “another movement, stronger yet“, a movement toward awakening to the reality that we are children of Love and Light.  Those who can hold the Light of hope and love in the midst of the chaos all around the globe, will help usher in the “NEW DAY” that Yusef tells us is coming.


Out of the chaos, conflict and horror now increasingly present on your Earth will come a NEW DAY. This ushers in a peace that will span many years.

Now is a tenuous time as this age moves forward in chaos. Another movement, stronger yet, is growing and will move forward.  This will be evident to those who can see.  There is no need to put forth effort other than what you are currently doing.

Nowhere is God not present.  Always helpers are ready to assist.  Fortunate are those open to that aid.

The chaos will not prevail.  The caution, however, is to remain in hope and confident in love.  This will prevail.  Confidence may wane in some as they are swayed by what seems to be reality.  Remind all that this is not true reality.  The helpers are present.  Look to the helpers for comfort/solace, for direction, for hope.  Maintain hope.  images-2Hope in the face of what appears to be no hope.  Thus will the portals of assistance be opened—with hope and sure confidence that One, Love, is present.

Stay open.  Speak truth.  Show compassion.  Remember Home.




Guidance From Yusef: The Coming Times—A New Era

In Oct  of 2008 I received this message that is still relevant for today.  There is one thing about heavenly guidance—we are not given an exact time frame.  We have a need as humans to know the time frame for these things, but in Heaven there is no time.  We can recognize, however, that the words in this message were true in 2008 and are still true today.


The world is on a precipice.  Decisions are imminent.  The outcomes determine the future of the Earth.  We come to share love and LIGHT with those of Earth.  We come to remind people of the power of LOVE, the direction of LIGHT.

The Universe shares in the physical experiences.  Emanations coming from Earth at this time warn of potential for catastrophic events.  “Percolating” is a close concept.  The Earth’s emanations reveal a negative percolating.

Now we join with many in bringing the presence of Love to the Earth plane awareness.

Thus enters in a new era.  Thus will the earth be blessed as many AWAKEN.

And out of the midst, ONE.

Coming forward now is the time beyond understanding when many will seek that which is beyond understanding.  Seeking to move forward, many will come.  Welcome these with open arms of love. The souls seeking at this time are being called [by God] to awaken.   




Guidance From Yusef: Unwavering Faith, Joy, and Peace in The Coming Times

A theme of hope in the face of the reality of the times is emerging as Yusef dictates on this topic.  We must respond “in unwavering faith and joy and peace”, and in the confidence that we are not alone, but instead have Divine assistance that will enable us to persevere.

Ready for that which is coming.  Strength is in unwavering faith and joy and peace.  And in these are blessing.

Joyfully prepare. Remember the peace beyond peace. Practice this. Fear nothing. Teach this way of God Most High.  That in LOVE is all power and peace and joy.  The Love beyond love.

Peace in all things, at all times.  Practice this.  Share this with all.  That in the peace God may be heard/felt/realized.  That in the peace is the way recognized and the secrets told.  That in the peace the way can be seen.

This peace may be transmitted/beamed from person to person—contagious as you say.  This peace becomes the scene, the frame, the potential within which grows awareness.  And from which truth is shared.  Unseen, truth is beamed within the mantle of peace.

Going forth from the emanations of peace are the pathways opened for those to come to God.  Thus are blessings rained down.  Peace.

We are urged to “practice peace”.  This is a powerful message to act from a place of deep trust and faith in the face of all eventualities.  We are to go to the “peace beyond peace”, that inner connection to the source of Love where there is no fear.  I asked Yusef to explain the term, “beyond” used in this transmission when he referred to wonder, joy, and peace.

The words used are an indication of the concept conveyed but do not reach the total “thought”.  Look to the indication, the signpost, to see the fullness of the concept.  The glimmer is an indication of the intensity.  It is NOT the intensity.

The peace we can experience as humans is merely the signpost.  It is a glimmer of the true peace that is of God.  We are to connect then to the Source and in that connection experience the peace of soul.


Guidance From Yusef: The Light is Dimming

I’m back!  Thanks to some of you who mentioned that you missed these messages coming into your inbox.

The messages over the next several posts will offer guidance on what I call, “the coming times”.  I began receiving these messages in 2007. They indicated even then that we will be experiencing difficult times on the Earth. As the headlines in the news media indicate, and as we all know, this has already begun.

Yusef does tell it like it is, but instead of fear and doom, what I felt when receiving the messages was a rather joyful sense as he spoke of the Angels that were already here and others who were coming to help.  I felt a confidence that we could overcome the darkness with all the help that was being offered.  Yusef also mentioned a “great awakening” that was taking place and it was this idea that inspired within me a sense of urgency to participate in that.

Remember what Yusef has said.  We need fear nothing.  We are all LIGHT!  We have each chosen to come into the world at just this time for a reason.  So shine on!


Unknown2007:  The Light is dimming.  Not of course the Source of the Light, but the Light visible from above the Earth.  Dark forces.  The Angels have been sent and are among you.  The Angels are powerful in their ability to assist.  Yet not all can see or hear Angels or other attempts to assist. 

So many [in the Universe] are ready to assist.  Assistance has been offered. (Another indication of the reason for the joy you sense in this communication and the task).

“Time” grows nigh.  Action must be taken.  Those on the planet you occupy in the current incarnation are not open to communication and thus are not aware of the truths of the concepts we share. 

We yearn to awaken many that they might be aware of the brightness that is theirs.

Thus it will begin, this task, to move forward.  Blessings to clear the darkness of the Earth.