Guidance From Yusef: Seeing through the darkness

images-1In the darker times of our lives, when our human emotions of loneliness, sorrow, hurt, or despair have taken over and we are consumed with fears, it is important to remember that we are connected to, and are, Light.


Darkness and Light are the contrasts to observe.  In the Light is growth [and] awareness, and seeing is possible.  In the dark growth is not possible.  Seeing is not possible.  Only in the Light can growth, seeing, [and] awareness of possibilities be seen.

Look to the Light.

There is much darkness in the world.  Many have lost sight of the Light.  Shine the Light of Life and Love so that all may see.

The third eye (inner eye, higher consciousness, or intuition) can see in the darkness when the physical eyes are blinded.  That eye is critical in “seeing” that which IS. The third eye sees and registers what is not in the physical.  It sees beyond.

In the darkness the [inner] Light can be the brightest.  Light and the source of Light are present.  Awareness, constant awareness will move all forward.

Life, as you know it will change.  Inevitable. Movement forward/evolution produces an alteration, causes a ripple in the web of life.

The message is this.  Life is.  Light is.

Guidance From Yusef: A Personal Note

Barbara: I have been encouraged to post this personal addition to the previous post:

I think I was forever changed when I realized for the first time that I have total power over my life. I had created my own life. God gave me the total freedom to do that. Free will! Wow! Life changing.

Oh, but then it followed that I was responsible for what my life looked like. I had no one to “blame” but myself. Ouch! That was a time of letting go of what I call “circling the wagons and pointing the guns (of blame) out”.  I love that image.  I had no one left to blame for my life circumstances–not my parents, my lack of money or time, my boss or co-workers, my spouse or children, or even my ancestors.  My life was the result of the responses, the choices, that I had made to life, one by one, throughout the years.

So I started looking at how I was responding to the people and events in my life, and what I was attracting to myself by those very responses. I began to see that when I was angry I found fault in those around me, and plenty of opportunities to be angry; when I was dissatisfied with where I was or what I had, I found a greater need for possessions or people; when I was judgmental then everyone and everything in my life needed to be fixed or changed.  Psychologists would call that “projection”.  I was projecting into the world and into my life who I was within myself!

Once I began to awaken and to take responsibility for my choices, something else happened. My ego began to act out. The ego comes with our human nature, but it is not our friend. It is jealous, deceitful, judgmental, protective of itself, and likes to live in the past or the future, and fret about both. It tells us to be afraid–that others and the world are out to get us, and that we must protect ourselves. It says we are not worthy, have many flaws, aren’t competent, are too fat, short, tall, etc.  My ego, in an attempt to retain control, went into “blame and shame” overtime.

By then it was too late, however.  I had discovered the truth.  I was in charge of my life, co-creating it with God each day.  If I wanted my life to change in any way I was the one who had to change it. If I had allowed the ego defenses that I had built up, then I could also supervise their tearing down.

That looking at the reality of myself led to the discovery of my Soul…that incredible, wonderful, True Self of me. And once I realized who I truly am–a spiritual being living in a human experience–well, everything changed. The True Self, or Soul nature, is non-judgmental, open, joyful, loving, and best of all, fearless. It doesn’t know anxiety, anger, unworthiness, blame or shame. It is the divine nature of us–the DNA of God. Which is why we can call God, Father.  And oh, the freedom I felt with the discovery of that truth!! I had experienced a glimpse of Heaven.

I began to be more aware of, and live out of, my Soul nature rather than my ego. I am still human, of course, and go back and forth between ego and Soul, but I have tasted the love, joy, and reality of my connection to the Divine Oneness, and I am aware of who I really am.  Now my challenge (and yours) is to live that out–to BE love, joy, and hope in the world more and more every day.

Blessings to all today!



Guidance From Yusef: Awaken to Who You Really Are

In an earlier post Yusef told us:

Our intent is to encourage the AWAKENING of all Souls to LOVE during the Earth time! This benefits all Souls.  Awakening to LOVE allows that LOVE to bless all. As each one awakens, ALL are blessed in ways that are unimaginable to you now.

The reasons so many go through the day mindlessly, without thinking, are many, but in the simplest term, it is because many are ASLEEP:

  •  to what is really going on around them
  • to their own divine True Self, the Soul,
  • to their own actions, and perhaps more importantly,
  • to the motivations behind their actions.

This unawakened nature allows people to go through the world in a comfortable, status quo-like daze.  Though full of fear over their past and future issues and concerns, they move forward day-to-day fully believing that this is the “norm” for life on Earth.

And so it is for many.  The days go by filled with work, child or elder care, studies for school, or some other activity that we think is our lot or duty in life, while the person is robotically unaware of the unseen world, or the truth about themselves.

The truth is that our Soul, our Divine DNA, is who we are.  We are not our job, our status in the community, or even the body that we wear on this Earth.  To begin to know our True Self (Soul) we must get past the ego personality that we THINK is the real us, and its defenses of pride, judgment, rationalization, and fear.  We need to WAKE UP to our inherent goodness, our ultimate worthiness, and our oneness with the God of Love!

It does help to realize that we are the ones “authorizing” the barriers to awareness; we are the ones who allowed them to go up, and it is only we who can supervise their tearing down. Yusef says, You authorize the forces within you that keep you from Soul communication.  They hold no power apart from that which is given them.

Getting to know yourself is the greatest and most important work you can do in this lifetime.  Not easy of course.  No great discovery is easy.

To be continued….

Guidance From Yusef: The Soul


We speak now of Soul.  Beyond the senses and what you might consider to be “reality” is the true reality, the true life.  The Soul IS.  Out of the Soul the personality manifested on this Earth comes.  The Soul allows the personality in order to face the challenges [of] this lifetime, and indeed all lifetimes.

The Soul, then, is that which is in communication with the human nature, [and] is actually a part of a larger, more complete, and “farther away” Soul entity.  The larger Soul continues in the presence of God, never separated even for a moment. [It is] the life-sustaining entity through which flows all knowledge.  It holds the memory and understanding and knowledge gained through all experiences and is a part of God. 

As Teilhard de Chardin says, We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience.