Guidance From Yusef: Angels

I asked Yusef to tell us of Angels.


images-15Ah yes, Angels.  Most blessed.  These are close to the Most High and transmit love, messages, grace, courage, holy vibration, wonder and awe to the human race. The Angels are present among you—interceding, protecting, and doing the will and bidding of the Most High God.

These are Holy Ones.  It is well to listen to these when they speak.  That of course is more difficult in the human state.  They are hard to hear for many, yet they continue to seek to serve humankind.  You have only to attune to the vibration of the Angels to receive the benefits of their guidance and messages.  Let go of what you think you know and simply open to that which you cannot see. 

Trust that the Most High has sent you Helpers and they will make themselves present to you.   Awareness of these helpers, messengers, and guides is beneficial for all.

The human mind seeks form like its own, seeks understanding when faith is necessary, and seeks to limit that which is limitless.  The Angels are here.  Glorious, radiant, they walk among you.

Guidance From Yusef: On Worthiness

For those who are concerned about their WORTHINESS…

YUSEF:  It is not your worth or unworth you are sensing, but rather it is the magnitude of the GOODNESS [of God] that seems so wondrous that you sense.

Thus your “smallness” in its WONDER appears in the human mind to indicate worth.

Look rather on the “fatherhood” of it, realizing that you come from and are IT.  As a child is from the Mother/Father and is not the Mother/Father…the Mother/
Father has birthed you from Itself into the dimension–made of Itself and breathed into by Itself… thus is the child “worthy”.

Any other thinking is of the ego.

Guidance From Yusef: Hearts Recognize the Frequency of Love

It’s all about the frequency of our vibration. The higher the frequency, the brighter our inner light. We can best “see” the light of love from our hearts.

images-12Yusef tells us to center ourselves more in the heart space, that is, move deliberately to a place within ourselves of love, joy, or even bliss. From that place our hearts can recognize others who also vibrate with love and joy, join with them, and make love more visible on this Earth.

Note: Heart recognition happens even if we aren’t aware–we don’t have to be conscious of it.  But it’s fun to realize that when a loving heart joins with another loving heart the light shines brighter in the world.

Shining the light of Love today–consciously!


LOVE IS ENERGY VIBRATING AT A VISIBLE LIGHT LEVEL. It is not only visible, but palpable. This energy can be sensed, or felt. The heart center is most attuned to the vibrational level of love.

Look to the hearts of those in proximity. In this will the truth of [your] vibrational attainment be observable. Pay attention to the response of the heart within. Allow heart to sense heart. Keep the mind in the background. Thus free of thinking, which taints all perception, you will be free to perceive that which is true.

HEART RECOGNITION is step one. Practice this. Rejoice. Adopt a rejoicing heart. Thus will the heart be receptive to knowing, to recognition of other hearts, to the light. The “intelligence” of the heart, which “sees and knows”, is true. Sharpen the heart sense.

Advancement is [also] accomplished by being STILL. In the stillness be aware of all dancing [vibration] within and without. Aliveness is in the stillness. Awareness involves the body and all that it allows [as well as] the Spirit sense and Soul awareness. Practice this.

You are [all] within the vibrational pattern [of God] but you are not aware of it. This vibration actually allows the existence you are in.  As the awareness of God grows, the vibrations join one upon the next and the next, increasing exponentially to gain in momentum outward.  The pulse is then able to travel, expand and penetrate all.



Sharing the Energy of Joy!

images-19If we want to shine in this world with a brighter light, it’s all about the frequency of our vibration. Joy, for instance, has its own frequency. According to Yusef, if we want more joy in our lives then we must begin to BE more joyful–that is, vibrate at the frequency of joy.  When we do it is contagious and everyone around us can feel the “vibes” coming from us. Let the joy begin!


Heaven is truly “buzzing” could this be observed. Yet entities are not scurrying madly about. There is a calm and peace amid the activity. And yet we are “abuzz”, interacting and increasing the energy levels as the vibrations stimulate the field and then return, multiplied, to the “sender”.

Joy is palpable. It is calibrated energy rippling throughout the world joining Joy to Joy—reproducing and raining down into the hearts that allow it.  A closed heart is not the benefactor or recipient of this joy.

Regarding the frequency of Joy…it is like the tight guitar string, capable of a sweet lilting sound. Sadness sounds like the low guitar string—humming at a low frequency, sounding coincidentally like “sad”.

The sound of Joy is coherent, pervasive, penetrating, and contains high energy. It’s sound vibrates throughout the Universe. Low vibrational sounds [on the other hand] quickly fall away. They do not carry unless they encounter another of similar vibrational frequency and then the hum transfers and continues.

These frequencies are almost observable, palpable to the sensitive. Most simply, accept the blessings of the knowledge, joy, and love present with the sharing of vibrating energy.